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Windows 7 Sidebar is a solution that allows you to have access to your favorite online applications right from the sidebar of Windows 7.
With this application, you can install the mini apps of Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo! Mail, as well as access some of your favorite online search engines like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo.
The sidebar, with its great organizational and functional features, is a necessary part of Windows 7; however, it isn’t an application that has a place on the Desktop. That’s why Windows 7 Sidebar is a utility that allows you to customize the sidebar in order to use it to your liking.
In this review, we will focus on the different components of Windows 7 Sidebar, as well as its use and different features.

Windows 7 Sidebar by Thoosje for Windows 7 offers easy-to-use features with only one click, including the gadget management, offline and online search results, media player and so on. The sidebar of Windows 7 has lost its central place on the Desktop and is now only useful to access your favorite applications, perform searches and share content with friends and family. These applications can be located in the sidebar without your having to open an Internet browser.
Features of Windows 7 Sidebar include:
Features Description
Disable, enable, select and arrange gadgets to your liking
Quickly control gadgets
Create your own gadgets
View gadgets on the Web
Media player to play media files
Organize your favorite applications into categories
Include new gadgets
Multiple skins
Why Windows 7 Sidebar?

The sidebar of Windows 7 has lost its central place on the Desktop and is now only useful to access your favorite applications, perform searches and share content with friends and family. These applications can be located in the sidebar without your having to open an Internet browser.

Windows 7 Sidebar has been designed specifically for Windows 7, and this is obvious in the visual look and feel of the sidebar. The user interface has a classic modern feel to it and is fairly straightforward to use.

Gadgets in Windows 7 Sidebar can be organized into different categories and this functionality is taken a step further when you install the Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget Sync. By doing so, the list of gadgets you have will be instantly synchronized with your Windows 7 account and you won’t need to download anything from the Internet to have the applications you need on your sidebar.

The Windows 7 Sidebar enables you to search 9670d34096

Autostart Explorer is a portable utility for locating autostart entries in Windows. The program doesn’t install anything and it doesn’t change the system on your computer. This software is entirely safe and 100% clean of any unnecessary objects and extensions. You can easily access all startup entries in a way that you can save them in a file.
You can control the behavior of the tool according to your needs by assigning hotkeys. You can change the dialog appearance, add a toolbar and set the background. After you go to the options menu, you can set the program to launch in the background or open minimized in tray.


Tranz is an all-in-one, simple to use, but highly effective organizer which allows you to take a picture of a document, find duplicate files in your PC and much more.

You can share your documents with friends and family members using ShareBin.

You can read about the characteristics of all the organizers and their features in this website.

Watch the official video tutorial for taking a screenshot and saving pictures and videos with eTranz.

eTranz is a powerful file organizer, has many features that you might like, such as:

File duplicates: easily detect duplicate files and remove them.

Perfect file renaming: rename files based on their extension, or according to their name.

Multi-language support.

Sharing your work with your friends and family members is easy with ShareBin. You can easily share a web page, documents, pictures, PDFs or videos with your friends and family members.

Save all your web pages as bookmarks, print them, or simply email them to them using eTranz.

eTranz also has a special folder in which all your installed programs are. This is an amazing feature if you are a power user. By using a shortcut, you can easily launch them without having to switch apps, search for them, and wait for them to load.

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