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1- Type of user:
Home users who want to learn Arabic to speak with their friends, families and colleagues.
Corporate users who want to improve their language skills, use their knowledge to be more productive and competitive.
Professional users who want to learn Arabic for their career and improve their professional communication skills.
2- Types of lessons:
1) Interactive lessons: Those that require to answer questions to understand better the lesson and
2) Fixed lessons: Those that don’t require to answer questions.
3- Use of lessons:
1) Interactive: It’s a lesson that requires to answer questions and complete tasks in order to learn more
2) Fixed: It’s a lesson that doesn’t require to answer questions or complete tasks.
4- Real mode:
1) In Real mode you can listen to audio lessons, read texts and complete tasks on a flashcard
2) In the Flashcards mode you can view different flashcards to learn your vocabulary.
5- Viewing Flashcards:
1) When you view your flashcards, you can see the left and right boxes that indicate your progress
2) If you click on the left box, you’ll see the definitions for the selected word
3) If you click on the right box, you’ll see how many times you are using the word in your lessons.
6- Different Collections:
1) You can choose whether to add the list of words you use or find, with the english translations and
2) The list of words you don’t know with a description and with the english translations.
7- How you can remember your vocabulary:
1) You can choose whether to view your flashcards in list or card view.
2) You can add a new card by either typing the word into the search box or by clicking the checkbox beside the word.
3) You can also add an example of how to use the word in a sentence to remember more.
4) You can also add the examples of words with the same definition in the Learn menu.
8- Various Learning Options:
1) If you want to review what you learned, you can choose from the Review menu.
2) You can also review the days you completed your lessons.
3) You can also mark all the words you don’t know in a different color to remind you which words you haven’t learned yet.
4) You can also add the words that you don’t know to the Learn menu. 384a16bd22

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View site’

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