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Save your favorite keyboard shortcuts.
Visual Keyboard Editor Description:
Make your own keyboard shortcuts using visual elements.
Big Fat Calculator Description:
The big fat calculator app with a few extra tools to help make your life easier.
Simple Calendar Description:
A simple calendar that helps you keep track of time for your plans.
Calculator Calculator Description:
The most simple calculator. It also saves your favorite and most used shortcuts.
Filters Description:
Perfect for those of you who like to keep an eye on social media and apps.
Simple Function Description:
A simple and practical calculator with a few basic functions.
Show Text Description:
Show text in images.
Camera View Description:
Use the camera view to simply and fast share anything on the internet.
Dashboard Description:
This app is a dashboard you can use to manage various activities in your daily life.
Accelerometer Description:
Turn your device to act like a compass.
Sight Recognition Description:
Perfect for those of you who want to show you a photo of a person to access their data faster.
Home Kit Description:
A homekit service that makes your life a bit easier.
Calendar App Description:
A Calendar App designed to help you plan ahead.
Background Reader Description:
Make your inbox a little more convenient.
Geolocation Description:
Turn your device to act as a geolocation service.
Realistic looking Clock Description:
A clock that looks like a real one.
Shuffle Songs Description:
Play random songs in the background.
It’s not impossible to spot the difference between a regular app and an app that has a truly unique design. In this review, we’ll be looking at one of the best ones in the business: IF App Packer.
The app’s list of functions seems exhaustive, yet it gives an impression of being a streamlined and well-planned app. The overall appearance of the app is reminiscent of a complex flow chart that clearly shows you where to tap and what to do next. You’ll be able to carry on with most of the functions of the application without realizing it’s even there. It will perform almost all the functions without the user even knowing that a new app is running.
There is one thing in this app that’s slightly different from the others. It’s the lack of any additional description. While the interface is so simple and easy a77f14ba26

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KEYMACRO is a Key Remapping program developed by TWiSC. It helps you to remap multimedia keys and Fn keys.
KEYMACRO is an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool. With KEYMACRO, you can remap a wide range of multimedia keys (volume, screen brightness, media, etc.), and Fn keys on your keyboard. It is free to use for home/business use.
Main Features:
1. Support all multimedia keys and FN key remapping for Windows and OS X.
2. Efficient, fast and easy to use, powerful program.
3. Support all Fn keys, including Fn key of touch-panel devices such as laptops and the Nintendo Wii.
4. Allow you to define different profiles for multimedia keys and Fn keys.
5. Allow you to easily remap multimedia keys and Fn keys, including buttons on keyboards.
6. Multi-level wildcard support.
7. Other features include easy-to-read and clear display of the keys’ state, saving/loading profile and batching of modifications.
Keyboard Screenshots:

It was just like any other day. But something weird happened. The last time she felt so happy was the day she had the recheck of her baby. Well, just the day before that she had her first ultrasound. And just like every other ultrasound, she found out that their child is a boy.

«It’s a boy!»:
That day she received the news, she was walking and texting on her phone when she found out that the baby’s name was Luis. She was surprised at first, and she instantly thought of her friends. «Luis? Is that not the name of some high school or college friend of yours?», she wondered.

Well, no. It was her high school boyfriend.

Yes, he was in the same high school as her. For a while, they were a couple. But then she left him when he started partying. All this was more than 10 years ago.

And now her phone is flooded with texts and calls from his friends, and she starts feeling bad. He is the type of person who would always call her, and tell her that he misses her.

The truth is that she has not talked to him for more than 5 years.

«Funny, he is the type of person who wouldn’t call anyone after he broke up with them», she thought.


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