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Keymacro will record a sequence of key strokes, and play them back with the «play» command of keymacro. This means that you can save yourself the time of typing in each shortcut, and just type the one keystroke that the shortcut represents!
Sequences of keys may be created by either typing them in manually, or by recording them from any application that uses keystrokes for actions.
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Download this tool from CNET and it will enable you to sync images to your mobile device. When you download the tool and connect your device, it will upload your images and videos to your mobile device. This will save you time, and prevent duplicated work.
Picasa is a photo-sharing application that is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac platforms.
It has many of the features of a traditional photo-sharing application, but it also offers more.
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KeyMacro helps you create customized keys on your keyboard in order to control applications, Web sites, and other items easily. Using KeyMacro, you can assign a hotkey to a mouse or other input device, which in turn will execute a macro. The macro will be activated whenever the key you assigned is pressed. KeyMacro is not just a button/shortcut program. It helps you create your own sequences of keystrokes, and you may assign them to hotkeys on your keyboard. The macros may run commands in a window or perform other tasks.
KeyMacro Features:
— Text entry box for creating hotkeys and macro definitions.
— Hotkey manager, which helps you assign a hotkey to a device and assign it to a macro.
— Macro recorder, which helps you record a sequence of keystrokes.
— Macro editor, which lets you edit your macros.
— Drag and drop interface, which helps you easily move the macro definitions from one text box to another.
— Hotkey and Macro dialog box, which displays and enables you to edit hotkeys and macros.
— Keyboard and mouse profile, which enables you to create new profiles based on the current settings on your keyboard and mouse.
— Control-specific hotkeys, which helps you define hotkeys for common control combinations.
— Internal directory browser, which helps you easily move the macro definitions between directories.
— Command prompt, which enables you to run applications in a command window.
— You may easily add a prefix to the hotkey, which helps you rename a hotkey.
— You may define one of the hotkeys to execute the control-specific hotkeys at the same time.
— Multiple Hotkeys, which helps you assign multiple hotkeys to the same device simultaneously.
— Save macro definitions, which helps you store the macro definitions when you quit the program.
— Menu, which helps you add a menu to the application.
— You may easily move the hotkeys and macros from one profile to another.
— Run in background mode, which enables you to keep the application running in the background, when you quit the application.
— Display windows with macros, which helps you edit and run macros in windowed applications.
— Undo and Redo actions, which help you restore the previous state of the application.
— Builds and runs program that enables you to run application-dependent hotkeys.
— Supports the following operating systems: Windows XP, Vista

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