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KEYMACRO is a freeware Windows application designed for keyboard-players. It allows you to play the song you are listening to with up to 128 different piano-, organ- and guitar-keys.
KEYMACRO includes a lot of preset-sounds, which you can hear on the User-Preferences-Window. Some of the samples you can use include «Fender Rhodes», «Oboe», «Hammond», «Guitar», «Hammered-Piano», «Organ», «Banjo», «Mandolin», «Acoustic-Guitar», «Electric-Guitar», «Bass-Guitar», «Up-Tempo-Guitar», «Saxophone», «Sitar», «Flute», «Clarinet», «Trombone», «Trumpet», «Dixie-Bell», «Tuba», «French-Horn», «Oboe-Percussion», «Percussion», «Bass-Drum», «Drums», «Rhodes-Organ», «String-Quartet», «Concert-Piano», «Electric-Concert-Piano», «Electric-Orchestra», «Hurdy-Gurdy», «Guitar-Bass», «Vibraphone», «Octave-Horn», «Flute-Tenor», «Oboe-Alt», «Vocal-Falsetto», «Vocal», «Clarinet-Bass», «Tuba-Alt», «Trombone-Bass», «Clarinet-Treble», «French-Horn-Bass», «Trumpet-Bass», «Vocal-Treble», «Bass-Soprano», «Cello», «Clarinet-Alt», «Trumpet-Alt», «Trombone-Alt», «Tuba-Alt», «Piano», «Guitar-Alt», «Vocal-Alt», «Bass», «Clarinet», «Trumpet», «Cello», «Bassoon», «French-Horn», «Trombone», «Oboe», «Saxophone», «Tuba», «Concert-Piano», «Overture», «Waltz», «Nordic», «Slow-Evening», «Easy-Dance», «Jazz», «Moderate», «Slow», «Medium», «Fast», «Rock- 384a16bd22

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Vitalize your Mac with QuickKeys. With the standard QuickKeys, you are able to add all kinds of keyboard shortcuts to your Mac OS X system. These shortcuts are used in applications to create shortcuts like for mail, Safari, Finder, etc. You can also use the QuickKeys to increase your productivity with any Mac program.

Create custom keymaps
QuickKeys offer a large variety of keymaps, which you can also export to a folder. Using the QuickKeys tutorial you can create your own custom keymaps and edit them to your needs.

Apply keyboard shortcuts to common actions
QuickKeys allow you to define keyboard shortcuts for common actions. For example, you could bind Control + Shift + 1 to the close, the image 1 to the email, the 3 to the forward, and the control + letter to the help menu, just by pressing the key combination.

Manage your shortcuts
The key map features a lot of tabs to manage the different kinds of shortcuts you can set. For example, you can create shortcuts for many things including mail, web browsers, documents, Safari, Finder, etc.

QuickKey Tutorial
Getting started with QuickKeys

Create a new keymap:
From the quickkeys window you can create a new keymap to use for your own custom shortcuts. You can name the keymap and define which kind of keys you want to assign to it. As you can see in the example below, the shortcut control + control + i will open the i-mail client.
You can also create new shortcuts for applications or folder to make it easier to work on documents.
You can set a key shortcut as «global» to use it for other keymaps, or you can set the shortcut in the main keymap to be available for the main keyboard. For example, you can bind the control + shift + 1 to the close application.

Edit a keymap:
The keymaps which you have created can be edited in the «Edit keys» tab. Here you can set your default shortcuts, you can also remove shortcut and set custom settings for the shortcuts.

Create a new keymap for a specific application:
If you need to bind a shortcut to a program which you use often, you can create a new keymap for the application. In the «Edit keys» tab, you can define the new keymap and configure the shortcut.

Move keymaps:
If you want to edit a keymap for a certain


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