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KeyMacro will be used for controlling the entries in the Windows registry and/or a specified text file.
MACRO Usage:
A macro will be run by the Keylock command. KeyMacro has a very simple syntax and is designed to be used by non-technical people. Macros are executed every time the Keylock command is run.
To install KeyMacro:
1. Run the KeyMacro.bat file
2. Choose «Import» and then select the «C:\KeyMacro\KeyMacro.reg» file.
3. Click «OK»
4. Click «OK»
To test the installation:
1. Click «Start»
2. Click «Run…»
3. Choose «KeyMacro»
4. Click «OK»
The first time you run KeyMacro it will ask if you wish to add any new macros. If you do not answer this, the first macro will automatically run. To add a new macro:
1. Select «Add» from the «Macros» menu and then enter a name. Click «OK»
2. Repeat these steps for any other macros you wish to add. Click «OK»
Macros can be used in various ways. Macro files can contain up to 255 characters each, but only 128 can be used by the Keylock command. The rest of the characters will be ignored by KeyMacro and are included in the Macro by Keylock as part of its string. Macros can be included in your registry (first part of step 2) or within a.txt file (last part of step 2).
How to add the macros to the registry:
1. Select «Macros» from the «Keylock» menu
2. Choose «Add» from the «Macros» menu
3. Input the appropriate name (that is, the name the macro will be called.
4. Click «OK»
Macro files can be added to the registry in the same way. The macros in the file will be read and added to the registry. When the file is closed it will save the new macros in the registry. To find the macros:
1. Select «Macros» from the «Keylock» menu
2. Choose «Read» from the «Macros» menu
3. Browse to the location of the file, and select it.
4. Click «OK»
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This macro converts in Monkey’s Organizer the formats ape, flac, wv and some others.
Ape format works for the Monkey’s Organizer. It’s not for Cubase or for any other DAWs.
Ape format is a cdr dump. It stores the header and the data in the track in a file.
The ape file is organized in standard audio parts for cdr media. This
is why ape cannot be read by other DAWs.
Warning: Ape format is not playable by other DAWs and by lslconv. It’s only for Monkey’s Organizer.
This is because ape format is not like other audio formats.
If you try to convert ape files from other DAWs with lslconv, ape files
will be ruined. It’s the same as if you would try to open a JPEG
with Gimp in Windows. You can’t do it!
The ape format is a lossy format. There are, usually, many tags.
Some tags have data in them. If you have a tag that has data in it,
the ape file will be ruined.
If you have tags in ape, they may be lost.
There is a hack for ape files with tags, but it’s not easy. You can’t
just create a new tag with ape software. Monkey’s Organizer can’t do it.
— If you delete ape format files, you should not try to create ape files
with the ape format. It will cause ape files to be wrecked!
— If you save ape files in Monkey’s Organizer, those ape files are for
Monkey’s Organizer only. They will be ruined if you save them in
any DAW.
This is a very complicated task, and you can’t do it easily.
If you need ape files for any other reason, save them as wav, flac,
wv, ape or any other audio format.
If you want to convert ape files into other formats, save the tracks
and cues separately and play them with another program.
If you save ape files as wav, it’ll be usable by Cubase, Reaper,
Absynth, Maxilogue, Propellerheads Reason, Acid, Cubase SX,
Halion, Logic SX, FL, Acid SX, Guitarix, Mixbus, Cubase SX lite and
all other DAWs.

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