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KeyMACRO is a free utility that allows you to store as many macros as you want to create with an arbitrary key combination. It’s like you’re creating a keyboard shortcut with a combination of a set of any letter/number/symbol and a key.
How To Activate:
Launch the KeyMACRO, and in the text field (txt) type the combination of keys you want to store. In the textbox (macro), paste the other sets of keys you want to store. The macro is now ready to be saved.
To save a macro that converts numbers to all caps
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers » »
To save a macro with a different key sequence
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers ( «ABC»)
To save a macro with a number set followed by a specific text
«AAAAA».convert_case_numbers ( «+test «+ )
To load a macro
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers » X»
To delete a macro
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers ( » «)
To add a new macro
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers ( «+test «+ )
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers ( «X»)
To change the order of the keys (In this case, it’s from right to left)
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers ( «X» » «)
To remove the top and bottom lines
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers ( «X» ( » » ))
To get a list of the macros
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers ( » «)
How To Use
So you have a macro that you want to use, but you don’t remember the combination of keys. It’s so easy, you just have to press the keyboard combination, and that’s it!
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers «X»
«AAAAAA».convert_case_numbers «ABC»
To activate it, you just have to press the key combination you want to use.
What’s New?
A special thanks to our loyal users, some of them have donated new features to KeyMACRO.
1) The ability to modify specific keys, so you can move and modify keys from right to left.
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KEYMACRO is a tool for creating on-line help menus for a wide variety of software applications. Its primary goal is to make the life of the help author easier by automating the process of creating the help system. It was designed with the goal of creating a help system
SPANISH Verbs 62
Total Exercise for Exercises
Backup and Restore
Help System Menu
Basic Menus
Simple Menus
Special Menus
Compilation and Results
Copy in Text Files
Compilation with Menus
Saving Menus and Results
More languages coming soon!



Verbs are one of the most important and fascinating parts of the Spanish language. To understand the meanings of verbs, we need to know the present, past, and future tenses of the verb in the present tense and in the preterit and the future. It is the most important part of a language because verbs are the basis of meaning and as such they are the base of communication.
So, if you want to learn Spanish, you need to learn to speak, talk, and understand the verbs. It is not a difficult task to learn the present tense of the verb, but, unfortunately, most people don’t really understand what the present tense of the verb means. It is not difficult to learn the different conjugations of the verbs (regular, irregular, «treble», «petit», etc.) for nouns and pronouns, because they are quite simple. However, to learn the present tense of the verb conjugation, there are some tips and tricks that can help you to learn Spanish, and make it more fun for you.
The present tense of the verb conjugation is very simple to learn. You need to memorize the table of conjugations and the order of the verbs in the table. Just like that. When you know the present tense conjugation, you can use the present tense of the verb in the simple present and simple past.
You can learn the present tense of the verbs by reading the book:Present Tense of the Verb and the irregular verbs.
After you have learned the present tense of the verb conjugation, you need to learn how to conjugate the verb in the present, future, preterit, and the gerund. You can learn the verbs in the gerund by reading theгіn-gratuita-en-lгnea/

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