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KEYMACRO is an easy to use but powerful software for the automation of keyboard macros. It offers two very useful modes of operation:
— Keyboard macros mode : This mode is the standard mode.
It allows to define a series of keystrokes, each keystroke is associated to a variable name.
— Keyboard macros files mode: In this mode, you can define keyboard macros, like a series of keystrokes, that are also associated with files.
KEYMACRO also allows the user to record a series of keystrokes, it can also replay it later.
Keyboard macro sequences are built-in the editor.
KEYMACRO is written in Visual Basic, it is 100% compatible with other macros environment such as Keyman and MacroStudio. It is included as part of the AGi3 project.
In terms of accessibility, the user can use the keyboard, use the mouse or voice recognition to launch any application.
KEYMACRO includes many features that allow the user to record, edit and reuse a macro for later use:
— Set up of the macros recorder by the mouse cursor or the voice input.
— Auto Play of the recorded macro
— Exporting of macros to file.
— Import of other macros in the same file.
— Switching of the recorder modes on the fly.
— Import and export of the macro file using an XML format.
KEYMACRO includes many features that allow the user to edit the recorded macros:
— Text editor of the macro by the mouse cursor or the voice input.
— Display of the macro sequence with the recorded sound.
— Import of the macro file into the macro editor.
— Export of the macro file into an XML format.
KEYMACRO includes many features that allow the user to save the macros:
— Export of the macro to a text file.
— Export of the macro to an XML file.
— Add, remove, rename and sort of the macros in a file.
— Import or export macros file using an XML format.
— Play back of the recorded macros.
— Playback of the macro sequence with the recorded sound.
— Visual feedback of the keystroke from the sound.
— Delete the macro or the sequence.
— Auto play of the macro sequence or the sequence from the file.
— Import of the macro to the macro recorder.
— Export of the macros sequence to the macro recorder.
— Repetitions of the macro or a77f14ba26

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This edition of Beyond High School integrates critical ethical theory and research into a comprehensive educational program with a variety of uses.This program emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge, and the ability to think critically and apply ethical theory and theory to problems.
Key Features:
An integrated curriculum from the core ideas of critical theory to the specifics of research. All standards-based resources, technology, and teaching material are aligned to the NCSS standards.
A Student Workbook, Student Outline and Teacher’s Edition are available. Teachers use them as a class set, homework assignment, or for student self-study.
An integrated website with all of the new content available from the print edition, with a special emphasis on teaching and learning with technology.
A new Final Project, the Global Citizenship Project, a new chapter on globalization and the ever-present challenge of a multicultural world.
A new chapter on environmental ethics, a chapter on the ethics of social media, and a new chapter on the ethics of development.
Teaching and learning methodologies, including both open and closed textbook approaches.
Collaboration among instructors, with the ability to compare and contrast different teaching approaches, as well as assign essays to help demonstrate the different approaches.
One-to-one online discussion with other students and course instructors, both synchronously and asynchronously.
New Content:
Ethics of Research
Ethics of Use of Technology
Educational Technology
Ethics of Informed Consent
Ethics in Academic Writing
Ethics of Globalization
The Challenge of Intercultural Communication
Environmental Ethics
The Ethics of Social Media
Ethics of Development
Intercultural Communications
Student Workbook:
This workbook is a stand-alone part of the Beyond High School curriculum. It provides you with all the skills and activities that a teacher would use to introduce the Beyond High School curriculum.The workbook is aligned to the NCSS standards in all three content areas.
It is designed to allow students to practice the skills and problem-solving strategies taught in the course using the activities and resources available in the workbook.
Through a series of practice exercises, the students will engage with the content of the class and build skills and strategies they can use throughout their life.
Student Outline:
This outline provides you with all the information you need to help your students organize their course.
It lists all the teaching resources available in the course, and provides detailed descriptions of each resource.
The student outline can also be used to guide the classroom

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