proDAD Erazr v1.5.76.4 Pre-Cracked

How to use:
1.1. Support search and filter
1.2. Support display several lines of description at the same time
1.3. Support input different information (eg. inventory, stock, customer)
1.4. Support insert pictures, images and links
1.5. Support search by date and time
1.6. Support date & time intervals
1.7. Support set date range for a task
1.8. Support task assignment
1.9. Support subtasks of tasks
1.10. Support add tasks with step-by-step tasks
1.11. Support options for saving
1.12. Support output to file
1.13. Support save/open in a separate window
1.14. Support save in web server
1.15. Support search the data by field, tag and so on
2. Keystroke:
— Customize the keyboard shortcuts
3. More Functions:
— Print a list of documents, the contents of which are determined by a tag
— Search a document by using the ‘Ctrl-F’ function
— Save a document in various formats
— Open a document with specific settings
— Adjust the text size
4. Notes:
— Only the latest version of Office Supplies is available
— The latest version is
— All functions work well when the installed version is or later
— You need to manually restart the program after installation.
— If the keyboard is not set as default input method in ‘Settings -> Control Panel -> Regional Settings -> Keyboard Layout’
— If the keyboard is not set as default input method in ‘Settings -> Control Panel -> Region Settings -> Keyboard Layout’
5. Compatible Operating Systems:
— Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
— Mac 10.6 or later
— Android 4.4 or later
— iOS 5.1 or later
6. Changes made in the latest version:
1.1. Compatibility with Windows 10
— Bug fixes
7. About bugfix
1.1.1. Update to version
— Bug fixes
1.1.2. Update to version
— Bug fixes
1.1.3. Update to version
— Bug fixes
1.1.4. Update to version 3 d82f892c90

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KEYMACRO is a menu-driven keylogger/keystroke logger for Windows based computers. KEYMACRO captures keystrokes, creates log files, and allows you to view and analyze the captured information using the included viewer, RemoteView.
KEYMACRO supports all of the features that the Windows operating system offers natively, including the capacity to capture up to two keyboard inputs at the same time, log files, filtering based on data that you specify, and the ability to view captured keys via a remote connection. Additionally, KEYMACRO supports all of the macros that Windows offers natively, including the capability to capture several keystrokes in a row, log files, and filtering based on data that you specify.
KEYMACRO is a tool designed to help the in-situ and remote security professional, enabling them to collect data from potentially hostile user environments. It supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 7. It can capture keystrokes for both legitimate and malicious purposes and can be used in a corporate environment. It can collect data from all users of a particular Windows operating system. You can specify whether the keylogger should capture all keys, only the keys that are generated when a particular window is active, or a list of specific text that should be captured. KEYMACRO is entirely transparent to the Windows operating system, and is not associated with any processes or DLLs.
What’s New in Version 2.0:
• Added the ability to save captured keys to a file.
• Added the ability to change the default log file name and location.
• Added the ability to select the filter level.
• Fixed several issues and bugs.
How to Crack:
1. Install KeyMACRO
2. Run KeyMACRO
3. Click on the “Options” button
4. From there click on the “Actions” tab
5. Press “Add Actions” and scroll down to the “SaveKeys” action.
6. Click on the “Add” button
7. Click on the “Close” button
8. Close the Options window
9. Click on the “Cancel” button
10. Go to the “Select a file to open” button
11. A window will open with a file list
12. Click on the “All files (*.*)|*.*”
13. Go to the “Open” button

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