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«Microsoft Edge is the browser you should be using right now, for it is optimized for performance, secure, and privacy»


If you want a browser that lets you choose what it gets to open, I recommend Firefox. It has excellent built-in password and credit card manager, and can read everything you put into it.
Chrome and Internet Explorer both store your passwords in the browser’s temp directory (see: Temporary internet files) which is generally deleted when you close the browser, and therefore, information that is stored in the browser is lost when you close it. It is your responsibility to keep them safe and delete them when you are done with them.
Don’t use the same password for everything; use an intuitive password manager that’s easy to use to store your information. There are many options out there; I would recommend using a cloud based password manager like LastPass or KeePass. You can download the browser extensions here.

The browser extensions store your data locally and syncs it when you log in.

Also, to get the best performance from a browser, disable add-ons that you don’t use. For example, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera all have options to disable some add-ons, but Internet Explorer does not.

Firefox 3.0 Final Released!

Mozilla released Firefox 3.0 final at 11:00 am EST today, just one day after the beta 3 version.

I’m just back from a week in California where I was in the audience for the Mozilla Labs Inc. developers conference. It was great to get a first-hand look at what the Firefox team is working on, both inside and out.

Firefox 3.0 includes tons of new features and fixes. For example, you can now choose whether to show or hide the menu bar when you open a new tab, new text editor support, better support for SVG (scalable vector graphics), several enhancements for Mac users, and more.

Mac OS X users will appreciate the support for the Scrapbook user interface. The new Scrapbook is a utility that organizes your bookmarks and history, and allows you to create custom folders of websites and tags. You can also drag tabs and bookmarks between Firefox windows.

The release also includes a bunch of new features for the add-ons community. For example, you can now search add-on sites and engines, and you can now save tab contents to a 0cd6e936a3

Easy placement of windows on multiple screens

Gets rid of the Windows taskbar when snapped

Has multiple layouts

Optimized to work with multiple screens

Customizable settings and layouts

Customize the layout with your own color themes

Placement and properties for resized windows

Placement for full-screen apps

Performance improvements and overall speed

Ability to snap in different locations on your screen

Ability to exclude specific apps from snapping in place

Ability to switch between window layouts

Automatic snapping to screen edges

Very customizable hotkeys and snapping actions

Configurable keyboard shortcuts

System requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1

Snap Screen Screenshots:

Snap Screen Screenshots:

Snap Screen Video:

Snap Screen Guide:

More about Snap Screen:

Snap Screen is not as well-known as other applications in the Window Manager category. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean Snap Screen is bad. It’s a reasonably priced, powerful application that works incredibly well and it’s a great addition to your toolkit.
But, Snap Screen is not for everyone. Let’s look at what it does.
The app is designed with the Windows 10 environment in mind. That’s one of its biggest assets, as it keeps you in your optimal environment without much trouble.
If you’re used to the environment that came with Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1, then this is going to be a real breath of fresh air.
In fact, Snap Screen feels more like a high-level application than an app for Window Manager and you’ll feel right at home when you launch it. It’s well-optimized, as you’ll notice right away.
The layout for Snap Screen is still one of the best you’ll find for Windows 10. It’s very customizable and it gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a layout you like.
However, you can’t choose any of the standard Windows 10 layouts. They are all Microsoft created, and not all of them are available in Snap Screen.
Snap Screen Screenshot:

The app feels great to use. It’s actually one of the few window managers that feel as smooth and snappy as the Windows 10 desktop itself. On top of that, the app is pretty much the default for Snap Screen.
A few other Windows Store apps also

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