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The best way to eliminate the viruses is by cleaning the virus, repairing the infected files and doing a full system scan. When it comes to repairing files, it is best to use a professional virus scanner, such as the Ccleaner that is offered by the following website: I also recommend that you use a very reliable antivirus program like AVG which offers a one-month free trial.

01 May 2014 12:27:35 PDTClean Virus MSN is a simple software tool that was developed specifically to aid people in detecting and getting rid of viruses and malware which spread through MSN Messenger.
Simple-to-handle environment
You are required to go through a setup process, yet this does not pose any kind of issues and does not last too long. The interface you come across presents a minimal design, seeing it only includes a few buttons, a pane in which to display infected files and two process bars.
Although no Help contents are incorporated, Clean Virus MSN is suitable to all types of users, including those with little or no previous experience with computers.
Scan, view infected items and remove them
This program enables you to analyze the entire contents of your hard drive, as well as active processes and files, in search for one of the over 4000 variants of MSN viruses it supports. This list can also be brought up from the main window, with just a click of the button.
The scanning process can be easily started by simply clicking the “Scan” button, while two progress bars enable you to approximate the time until this process is over. All infected items are going to be displayed as a list in a dedicated panel, along with information such as object, type and action.
Conclusion and performance
The computer’s performance is not going to be hindered, regardless of the process under way, seeing that eea19f52d2


Geomatica is a tool for geospatial analysis and visualization of multispectral remote sensing data.
This tool can be used to view, overlay, compare, analyze and calculate using multi-spectral remote sensing data from space. The tool also has the ability to open, view, analyze and calculate with multispectral data from ground-based sensors such as LIDAR, LiDAR, Hyperspectral, radar and imaging systems.
It has an intuitive and well organized user interface with several tabs, options and menus. It is also a fully customizable tool that provides a user-friendly environment for all end users and professionals alike. It’s quite an extensive application and is easy to operate and use.
Data Sources
Many different remote sensing data sources, both public and private are supported. Data can be loaded from:
• GeoTiff/TIF format
• raster/pixel datasets
• Images
• WebMaps
• User-created geospatial data
View and Analyze
Geomatica includes 2D and 3D viewing and analysis tools, a histogram and RGB and color mapping and processing functions. Geomatica has the ability to open, view, analyze and calculate using multi-spectral remote sensing data from space.
Geomatica also has the ability to view, overlay, compare, analyze and calculate using multi-spectral remote sensing data from ground-based sensors such as LIDAR, LiDAR, Hyperspectral, radar and imaging systems.
Generate high-resolution maps
Geomatica includes the ability to create high resolution maps using linear or isometric display techniques from various data sources.
For example, it can view and analyze LiDAR point cloud data.
Geomatica also includes the ability to produce vegetation maps from LiDAR point cloud data using a classification algorithm.
Apply a VRT
Geomatica includes the ability to apply a VRT to images, vectors or raster datasets. A VRT is a transformation technique that is used to convert linear data to a 2D form.
VRTs can be used in many different fields, such as photogrammetry.
Compose aerial images and aerial photography
Geomatica can be used to view and analyze multi-spectral images including aerial images, aerial photography, satellite images, radar images, hyperspectral images, infrared images, LANDSAT images, aerial video and more. Geomatica can also overlay images on


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