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Quickly and easily create photo albums!

— Can create any number of photo albums
— Not interested in creating photo albums, just want to edit photos? No problem!
— Instant album creation is no problem
— Automatically resizes images
— Automatically rotates images, flip and crop
— Automatically sets background images for the album
— Supports multi-level album categories
— Supports for sharing album with multiple platforms

Photo editing software
— Adjust a photo’s contrast, brightness, saturation, grayscale and sharpen
— Image filters such as black and white, sepia, antique, soft, contrast, cross process and rain
— Image effects such as blur, mosaic, gradient, vignette, burn, emboss, blue-effect, red-effect, sepia-effect and motion-effect
— Apply multiple options for image filters
— Sort or rename image groups
— Print image directly from the editor or save to file

Photo album software
— Create and edit photo albums with ease and efficiency
— Create any number of albums
— Simple to operate
— Book-like album pages
— Rotate, flip, crop or mirror each image
— Support for image editing and sharing
— Support for multi-level album categories
— Share albums with different platforms

— Export file
— Remove album background from images
— Multiple albums, album categories, and titles
— «Failed to open file» error fixed
— Resize images to desired size
— Support for universal look, tablet and mobile photo

About Savr Technology Ltd
Savr Technology Ltd. is a private company founded in 2009 to develop new technologies. Savr specializes in the development of Windows software products.

Record your life in photos!
PC Photos is a creative photo album application that enables you to arrange your family photos into photo albums. You can freely create photo albums, share them with your friends, and post them on your social media.
It is the easiest way to create photo albums!

Create your first photo album now
Your first photo album is ready! Create more photo albums, customize them, share them with your friends, and post them on your social media.
Create, customize, and share photo albums
1. Select albums
2. Select photos
3. Organize them as you like
4. Customize albums, backgrounds, titles, tags and sharing options
5. Share photos eea19f52d2

After testing three different software packages, I found a lot of similarities and uniqueness in each one of them. There are features in each one that the others lack. They all serve their purpose and do it very well.
Each one of the software packages I tested was able to load a variety of file formats. The number of formats can vary between the programs, but each one of them was able to load a variety of formats. However, I found a couple of issues when it came to me actually adding a file in one of the software packages. Some of the programs required me to manually move the file into the proper location.
Several of the programs had trouble importing a specific file format. I tried adding files from a previous software installation, from a CD-ROM, from an FTP site and even from a different computer. The software refused to load any of the files. I would end up having to un-install the software and then reinstall it and the problem would fix itself.
Some of the programs supported only a few file formats and that was annoying. For example, I tried adding a file from a different program in one of the packages and it refused to load. I was able to add the file into the other package and it worked just fine. So I’m left with two other packages to use, one of them supports a large variety of file formats while the other doesn’t.
Some of the programs would not add a file if the file was open in a word processor or similar application. For example, I tried adding a 3D model into one of the programs and it would not add it if the model was open in another software package. I couldn’t add a file that was open in another software package into that program, and vice versa. It would always complain that the file couldn’t be loaded or something along those lines.
I tested a couple of the programs on a couple of different machines and they worked differently on each one of them. For example, the installation of the program on a Vista machine would not work the same way as it would on a Windows 98 machine. So I can’t say that I’m impressed with the file compatibility across all the programs.
The installation of the programs could be a nightmare. I don’t know how many ways you can install a program, but it can get a little confusing and is something that should be avoided. For example, I tried installing the programs on three different machines and three different


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