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Display content in a UI-less window on your desktop.
Includes all kinds of content: videos, webpages, images, and others.
Recorded and uploaded YouTube videos can be shown, too.
Set an area to be captured from a window with just one click.
Move and resize the PiP window.
Even if it is minimized.
No need to capture the video.
Make any selection from the list.
You can set a delay of how long you wait before the PiP window is displayed.
You can add an icon to the main toolbar.
You can select different modes for full-screen and PiP mode.
Show only the PiP window when the mouse cursor is over it.
Create a new window and put it on top of all other programs.
You can set the PiP window’s position.
You can display an icon on the PiP window.
The program has a rich list of users.
The program automatically starts in PiP mode.
Capture and display YouTube videos in PiP mode.
PiP-Tool Information:
Size: 12,242KB

PiP-Tool is an open-source application designed to allow you to display videos or other content in a PiP window.

Display content in a UI-less window on your desktop

After launching the application, you will first need to click the window where the content is located. A selection box will be brought up, which you can use to define the exact area that you wish to be displayed in PiP mode.

Once you have confirmed the selection, a new window will be created, which remains on top of all other programs. It can be moved and resized, and a toolbar will only be displayed when you place the mouse cursor over the window.

A few drawbacks

For starters, the program does not work with minimized windows at present. If you try to minimize the application being captured, the PiP window will simply freeze. You can, however, let it run in the background.

Secondly, you cannot actually interact with the application that is being captured from the PiP window. If, for instance, you are viewing a video, you cannot access the playback controls from the new window.

Lastly, it would have been great if it were possible to either disable the PiP window’s toolbar or add a delay so that it is not displayed immediately on hover.

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