CD Archive is a CD/DVD tool that allows you to archive the content of your CD/DVD ROMs so you can simply search for archived files later.
Main Features:
* Free!
* Full compatibility with Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
* Detect all discs inserted or manually select a disc to be scanned
* Supports IDE, SCSI, SATA, SATA II, eSATA, USB, FireWire, and UDMA discs
* Supports images from multiple CD/DVD drives
* Various compression methods: RAR/Zip/Tar/Jaz/Bzip2/Zip-Chm/7z/TAR
* Works for all CD/DVD formats: WAV, WMA, MP3, JPEG, H.264, MPEG4
* Supports all common file formats (WMV, AVI, MPEG, MOV, etc.)
* Supports AMR, AC3, WMA and MP3 encoding and decoding.
* Support advanced functions such as Searching for All/Part of the file,
* 2D Navigation bar, setting the latest date/time, setting a reminder,
* Showing the process of the archive (Create/Scan/Search, Sort), Show full
* Advanced settings and search options.
* Search and recover files using the split-view interface
* Customize key combination like Ctrl+F, Alt+F or Ctrl+S to do different
* options or do different actions
* Search for the file using the built-in search engine
* Customize the way the files are displayed
* History and zip/unzip archive creation/search/edit/delete/rename/delete
* Iconize your menu bar
* ZIP/UNZIP archive creation/search/delete/rename/edit/delete/copy/export/create
* ZIP/UNZIP archive search/sort/delete/edit/rename/copy/export/create
* Advanced search functions: Search forward/backward in all your files
* Zip and unzip with password
* Disk-based Auto-Archive: automatically create and manage archives in one
* directory
* User-defined filters: manage and filter CD contents by any user-defined
* conditions
* Can detect and recover from errors such as: Disk not mounted or not
* readable
* Corrupted disc
* Aborted CD/ eea19f52d2

Stay up-to-date with the latest coin prices and announcements with BitTab. Easily manage multiple portfolio lists, view market changes, get free alerts, watch price movements and more.
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Bit-Bucket is a free, automated software that helps you track all of your most important crypto wallets in one centralized place!
Bit-Bucket Description:
Bit-Bucket makes it a snap for you to manage your cryptocurrency wallets by automatically generating and updating your most important wallet addresses on a regular basis.
With Bit-Bucket, you can generate, track, and send money to your cryptocurrency wallets from your web browser, desktop, or mobile phone. We’ll make sure you never forget your cryptocurrency wallets again, with the most detailed wallet histories.
— Generate, track, and send money to your cryptocurrency wallets
— Track history and notifications for each wallet
— Detailed wallet addresses and balances
— Generate/generate new wallets
— Send/send money to your wallets
— Transactions tracked by date and time
— Information on each transaction including:
o Addresses from which the funds were sent
o Transaction amount
o From/To Wallet address pairs
— Payments to more than 200 cryptocurrencies (coming soon)
o Bitcoin
o Ethereum
o Litecoin
o Dash
o Monero
o Ripple
o Ripple
o Dogecoin
o Digitalcoin
o Dash
o Ontology
o Verge
o Litecoin
o Ethereum Classic
o Basic Attention Token
— Web/WebSocket server
— Desktop/Windows, Linux/Mac, iOS, Android
— Drag and drop for easy wallet transfers
— Support for any cryptocurrency wallet you can access via web
— More coming soon…
Thank you to all of our fans on Twitter and Reddit!

Don’t have time to log in every day and track your portfolio? Or would you like to move your cryptocurrency portfolio around automatically?
Flexible? Easy to use? Then Checkmark comes to the rescue!
Checkmark is a FREE, automated crypto portfolio manager built to make sure that you don’t miss any crypto price moves.
With Checkmark, you have your portfolio setup in just a few minutes. And no tedious manual updates required!
It makes sure to keep up to date with the current prices of your preferred coins, and does that for

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