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This is a useful tool to create a macro for windows. It will record any keystrokes and save them in a macro. It will play the macro on hitting the recorded button on the keyboard, and it will stop when the button is released or when the recording session ends.
AROS Description:
AROS, the acronym for Android Runtime for Open Source, is an Android application framework that extends the capabilities of the Android software development kit. It provides developers with tools to build Android applications on devices that use any x86 architecture operating system.
ArbBoard Description:
ArbBoard is a desktop client for the ARB Libraries, in particular the OpenGL and GLU packages. It provides a simple way to author, test, and view applications that use the OpenGL and GLU libraries.
The current version provides three windows; the Editor Window where the user can select the topic to work on, the Preview Window where the program is tested, and the Scene Window where the scene is previewed and modified.
Note: It is very important that ARB libraries be installed, and that OpenGL support is installed on the system.
Grasshopper Description:
Grasshopper is a graph editing and visualization software application. It is a simple software application for creating graphs.
This application is used in data mining, computer science, engineering, business, and for demonstration purposes.
Graphviz Description:
Graphviz is a 2D and 3D layout engine for the creation of publication-quality pictures from simple dot files.
The software can produce Postscript, PDF, PNG, and many other image formats.
Images can also be created by hand, and the result can be in any image format supported by Graphviz.
In addition, the program can be used to do additional types of graph work, such as flowchart creation, geometric drawing and plotting, graph layout, and data visualization.
More information about Graphviz is available on the web at
Helloworld Description:
Hellworld is a simple demo that demonstrates how you can easily connect to a multi-player based game (like Pong) and run in the same process.
If you would like to learn more about it, please go to
HP Computers Description:
HP Computers lets you create your own personal reference. This tool has a variety of categories that include Apps, Themes, Browser, Device, Fonts, 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a small and easy to use IDE for MS-DOS. It supports a large number of languages, keyboards and keymap files. Users can create and manage the mapping between keyboard and characters, without entering in the character and using the keyboard.
KEYMACRO is used mainly for coding, but it’s not only that. Users can work with all the programs installed on their PC, with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.
KEYMACRO is released under the GNU GPL license.

UNIX Keymacro for Mac OS X
(Last update — 21/10/2013)

Because the Mac OS doesn’t support Keymacro, the developers of this project decided to use a simple POSIX emulator instead. It allows users to create and use keymacros the same way they used to.

What is Keymacro?

Keymacro is a small application for MS-DOS developed by a Greek programmer named «Athanasios» in the year 2000.
It’s based on the simple idea of creating a virtual keyboard, where the pressed keys make a specific command like «Open CD-ROM», «Find», «Backup», «Exit», etc.

Its features are as follows:
— There are three modes (F1, F2 and F3). F1 mode allows the user to open the cd-rom, F2 allows the user to do some tasks related to the cd-rom (like ejecting the cd-rom, changing the cd-rom’s read-write mode, change the cd-rom’s properties, find the cd-rom’s name and the path, mount it, etc) and F3 allows the user to make backups.

— There are three languages supported: English, Greek and Russian.

— There are three different methods for creating keymacros. The first one is the «command prompt», where the user enters the command and the macro is saved as an.inf file. The other two methods are just like that: the command is created on the.inf file and saved as a macro.

— There are several ways to use Keymacro: you can use it using the command prompt, you can use a keyboard macro file to execute the commands and there is another way to execute the keymacros in the command prompt: that’s when you add the extension to the file and it opens up the command prompt in that directory.

What is Keymacro

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