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-p PID print process id for given PID.
-a application print the app with PID given
-i application print application name for given PID
-a application print the app with PID given
-ap application print application name for given application
KEYMACRO Description:
/? print usage help
/? -help print this help
KEYMACRO Description:
/p print sorted results by ports
KEYMACRO Description:
/a print sorted results by application
KEYMACRO Description:
/i print sorted results by pid
KEYMACRO Description:
/ap print sorted results by apppath
KEYMACRO Description:
/? print usage help
Key: macro Description:
(2) The KEYMACRO is used to define a macro or command. The macro can then be
used in the main function. The Key is defined as ‘KEYMACRO Description:’.
(3) Each ‘Description’ may contain as many spaces as you desire. The
repetition of the ‘Description’ is not required, however, in the case of the
‘Application’ macro you can use ‘Description’ twice to define ‘PID’ and
‘Application’ both as the same thing. For example;
KEYMACRO Description:
(4) A KEYMACRO has four (4) options;
(a) PID — to print the process id (PID) associated with the specified port
(b) Application — to print the process id (PID) and application name
(c) PID and Application — to print the process id (PID) and application name
(d) Application Path — to print the application name and path.
Macro: PID/Application/PID/Application/Application Path
(5) The Application Path is only required when printing Application
(6) The KEYMACRO is terminated with a semicolon.
(7) The KEYMACRO must be given in one of the first two lines of the
KEYMACRO Description:
Key: PID/Application/PID/Application/Application Path
PROGRAM: fport
VERSION: 1.0.5
Revision 1.0.5 — 2 70238732e0

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— Integrated version of all KNIME activities (e.g. Calculate,
Aggregate, Execute, etc.)
— Plug-in for KNIME program which connects several activities
— Open and edit models from disk
— View and edit.mdx model metadata
— Generate XML representation of models
— Support for DMOJ objects
— Support for KNIME views (e.g. UI, console, thread)
— Ability to define workflows, libraries and objects
— Support for activity views and embedded actions
— Support for regular files, SQL and Excelfile
— Ability to write from KNIME nodes and save to disk
— Dynamic creation of reports and charts
— Ability to connect activities from the dataflow to other activities (e.g. without data flow)

The Kiboo SDK is a set of Java libraries, developed with an objective to let developers and users easily access and manipulate social data. This tool contains some of the methods and functionalities used in the system, and it is available for free.
The core functionality of the SDK consists of the following classes and methods:
* UserAccount (a simple class to hold the details of the users)
* UserService (a class to handle various requests made by the system, such as user subscription, user feed update,…)
* ActivityStore (a class to handle activities, which are all of a time-based type. It is possible to see all of the activities subscribed by a user or by all users, see a user’s feed, view all of a user’s activities)
* UserFeedStore (a class to handle the feed of the users, and keep it up-to-date by keeping in touch with other users and groups, when changes are made on the feed)
* CalendarFeedStore (a class to handle the feed of the events)
* CalendarStore (a class to handle the calendar and its events)
* GroupStore (a class to handle the information of the groups)
* GroupFeedStore (a class to handle the feed of the groups)
* ProfileStore (a class to handle the user’s personal information)
* UserServiceTest (a class to unit test various aspects of the SDK)
* UserActivities (a simple class to handle user activities, with methods to retrieve the total number of activities and the number of activities made)
* GroupMembership (a class to handle the relationship between users and]how

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