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a software that allow you to use a keyboard to write letters, numbers or special characters. KEYMACRO work with any software, using the standard keyboard functionality.KEYMACRO is a free software and no installation required.
KEYMACRO is a good way to input texts such as product specifications, web page titles, or user manual sections.
Features include:
— Support for english, french, spanish, romanian, italian, german, russian, polish, norwegian, danish, hungarian, slovene, dutch, spanish and portuguese languages.
— You can insert different characters depending on the user’s language settings
— You can also insert special characters such as: @ % # + — $, \ / — & * :,?
— You can use a combination of letters and numbers to write more complex messages
— KEYMACRO can insert lines of text, and make selected areas of text bold or italic
— You can insert from one to 256 lines of text,
— You can insert from one to 256 characters per line
— KEYMACRO is compatible with Word Processor, Database, Microsoft Office and many other popular software
— KEYMACRO is customizable, so it adapts to any user’s needs.
— KEYMACRO is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface.
— KEYMACRO doesn’t require programming experience to use it, as it is a simple text editor
— KEYMACRO includes a very powerful set of commands
— KEYMACRO includes a help system to help the user when using it.
— KEYMACRO includes basic keyboard commands to help you when using it.
— You can change the cursor position by simply moving the mouse cursor
— You can insert blocks of text, using the command «Block».
— You can insert pictures, using the command «Image».
— You can insert other images, using the command «TextBox».
— You can insert «GIF images», using the command «GIF».
— You can insert line and text colors, using the command «Color».
— You can insert separators, using the command «Separator».
— You can insert «Bold», «Italic», «Underline», «Background Color», «Strike through», «Disabled», «Left-to-Right» and «Right-to-Left» commands, using the command «Font».
— You can use 70238732e0

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Description: To toggle between mouse mode and key mode.
Description: Toggle detail pane.
Description: Toggle the display of the vector field.
Description: Toggle the display of the mouse.
Description: Toggle the potential surface view.
Description: Toggle the curl view.
Description: Toggle the divergence view.
Description: Toggle the divergence field view.
Description: Toggle the curl-up view.
Description: Toggle the curl-down view.
Description: Toggle the Green’s theorem view.
Description: Toggle the version with no vector field.
Description: Toggle the version with a 3-D vector field.
To change the current field type, press F2, which should bring up the Field list.
To clear the current field type, press F2 again.
To reset the current field type, press F3, which should bring up the Field list.
To reset all the current field types, press F4.
To exit the applet without saving the current field settings, press F9.
To clear all the current field settings, press F10.
Tuesday, November 15, 2010

How did I end up here. I really have no idea. However, if you remember a couple of weeks ago, I was blog hopping, reading about blogs, and finally finding this blog. I commented on it, I followed the link to her site, and…well, I guess that’s where my journey started.I am so excited and happy that I did. The last few months have been one of the hardest I have been through, and these last few days I have been so happy and relieved.

So, you may wonder how all of this started. I’ll tell you in a bit. I’ll go into my history, but for now, you just have to trust that I know what I am talking about and that I do have an agenda.

I am a Christian. I am married to a wonderful man. We have a son. I am a mother to an autistic child.

He doesn’t talk. Ever. He has a peculiar ability to understand and respond to things, but he never talks. We have had that discussion with him, of course. If he doesn’t talk, who will? When he does talk, it’s not just a word here and there. It’s a


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