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A Macro utility for Microsoft Excel, Addictive
Probably one of the most useful and efficient tools available in the Mac world. It makes it easy to work with users and groups and can be very effective in managing them. There is a large user community for this software. It’s impossible to mention all the functions that KeyMacro provides, but here is a small list of the most useful:
Password management
Backup of files, folders and drives
Create user rights
System information
Group management
Creation of profiles
Drag and Drop manager
Merging groups
Export to iCal and iCalShare
Search files and folders
Automation of a process
Check for changes in files and folders
Set permissions
Create passwords
KeyMacro is a free software.

As the latest version of Firefox comes out, there are no doubt that a lot of users would start wondering if it is worth getting the latest version. In that case, here are some alternatives to Firefox.
The truth is, Firefox has been such an integral part of the Web for years now that the idea of Firefox being replaced by any other browser is difficult to imagine. All the top browser makers, from Google to Mozilla, have made the effort to make sure that their product works on the top browser. Now the latest version, Firefox 57, is available for download. And many, including us, would like to see what it has to offer. So let’s see if Mozilla’s own web browser can stand the test of time.
Firefox 57 offers major updates

In this advanced WordPress cheat sheet, you’ll find the most common things to know and ways to tweak WordPress for maximum efficiency.
10+ Site-wide Best Practices for WordPress
3+ WordPress Tips to Optimize Your Dashboard
10+ WordPress Tips to Optimize Your Admin Dashboard
4+ WordPress Tools to Help You Optimize Your Database
5+ Plugins That Improve Your Website
10+ WordPress Plugins to Help You Optimize Your Database
50+ WordPress Plugins to Improve Your User Experience
10+ WordPress Plugins That Help You Optimize Your Database
And so much more!
Here’s the key to optimizing your website:
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KeyMacro is a software package that features a macro recording and playback editor. It allows you to record a series of keyboard keystrokes and replay them. This software provides a comprehensive set of useful editing options that help you perform repeated tasks in a simple way.
Macro recording and playback editor
Macro recording and playback editor provides an easy way to record keyboard keystrokes and replay them, saving the recording to a file or the clipboard. You can specify the location and length of the recorded sequences, edit the recording and also change the playback speed. The macro file is editable using any text editor. The program works with all Windows versions.
KeyMacro provides many useful features:
• Macro recording or playback: you can record a series of keyboard keystrokes or playback a recorded sequence.
• Record a single keyboard keystroke: you can use the mouse to record keystrokes from the Windows task bar.
• Save the recording to file: save the recording as a file or copy it to the clipboard.
• Customizable recording: the recording can be saved in the clipboard, a file or be played back in playback speed or the sequence can be edited.
• Start recording automatically: you can have KeyMacro start recording automatically when you press the macro key.
• Indicate the start and end points: specify the start and end points of the recorded sequence.
• Indicate the recorded sequence range: specify the start and end point of the recorded sequence and specify the range, such as 1 to 100.
• Stop recording: stop recording the sequence when you press the macro key.
• Repeat a keyboard keystroke: repeat the last keyboard keystroke that was executed.
• Playback speed: playback the recorded sequence at the specified speed.
• Playback speed percentage: playback the recorded sequence at the specified percentage of the current playback speed.
• Save the recorded sequence: save the recorded sequence to a file or copy the sequence to the clipboard.
• Playback the recorded sequence: playback the recorded sequence.
Editing options
• Macro function keypad: you can use the function keys on the keyboard to perform the recording or playback functions.
• Edit the macro function keypad: you can change the macro function keypad to any combination of the function keys on the keyboard.
• Macro code recording: you can enter a series of macro codes in the macro code window.
• Edit the macro code: you can edit the macro code that is displayed in

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