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KEYMACRO is a powerful and flexible keystroke recorder and macro recorder, designed to help you capture and edit all the keyboard commands you want. You can easily create macros to trigger special actions, such as opening a specific application or a folder, navigate to a specific screen, save a file or open a URL.
Record Keystrokes or Macros with Complete Accuracy
KEYMACRO records all the keystrokes, launched through any keyboard or keyboard-mapping system, such as the Windows and macOS keymapping tools. The macros can be recorded through any input field, such as text fields or combo boxes, allowing you to capture even the most complex actions. Furthermore, you can record multiple macros at once, or you can record multiple repetitions of the same keystroke or action.
Automatically Archive or Save Recorded Macro Files
KEYMACRO allows you to easily archive your recording files, automatically saving them to the recording folder. If you want to close the macro recorder, you may deactivate the auto-save functionality.
A Wide Variety of Features
KEYMACRO offers a number of useful features that you can use to capture all the keyboard commands you want. For instance, you can use it to record the keystrokes you type into any web browser or browser-based application, or you can capture the keystrokes while you are using popular office tools, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. You can also save the recorded macros to a text file, and import them into the clipboard or save them directly to an Excel or HTML spreadsheet.
Immediately Edit or Execute Macro Files
KEYMACRO can save the recorded macros to a text file. You can easily edit the file and open it in Microsoft Word or Notepad, Excel or HTML-editing tools. All the macros can be easily executed in any of the standard text editors, allowing you to edit the recorded text directly and to analyze your keystroke recordings before executing them.
Ensure 100% Full Recording Accuracy
KEYMACRO is the most powerful keystroke recorder and macro recorder, offering you complete accuracy when recording all the keystrokes you want. You can record and play back any kind of keyboard actions, including Windows, Apple or Dvorak keyboards, the one used in all Apple Macs and almost all Microsoft Windows OSes. You can even record multiple keystrokes simultaneously, and you can repeat the recorded actions as many times as you want.
High-Performance Recording and Navigation
KEYMACRO features a built-in 70238732e0

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FolderBox is an extension for the Windows Explorer shell that allows you to browse multiple folders in the same window. It displays additional folders in the lower part of Explorer.
You can set-up and configure up to five FolderBoxes over the tab sheets of the FolderBox extension. Additional drives and folders are now just a mouse click away.
Within a FolderBox you can copy and move, open and delete files, just as usual. FolderBox supports the typical drag & drop handling of files. It is fully interoperable with «standard» Explorer or the desktop. You can even use FolderBox inside Internet Explorer!
Note: Free for non-commercial use only

This isn’t a plug-in for Windows Explorer. This is the source code of the FolderBox extension. FolderBox displays other folders by modifying the «TabSheet.xml» file in the extension’s folder. I want to change the location where this file is located.
I want to find all references to the location where this file is located in the source code.


I did not find this as easy as I was hoping for, so I wrote an open source program which finds all references to the location of the «TabSheet.xml» file. You can find the source code and the binaries at
Update: the «exported» and «standalone» programs now have an option to only show the folder that contains the «TabSheet.xml» file.

Changes in the learning environment of the medical curriculum at the University of Chicago.
A principal goal of the curriculum changes at the University of Chicago over the past 5 years has been to improve the learning environment for medical students. Student evaluations and faculty perception of the changes have been used to assess the level of success achieved by these efforts. We discuss some of the changes in the medical curriculum, particularly with respect to lecture format, the use of case-based small groups, and the student evaluation of the clinical experiences. Although some parts of the curriculum have changed dramatically in recent years, improvements continue to be made.Q:

how to build mvc3 nopcommerce on windows 7 with vs2010

please any body can tell me how to build nopcommerce on windows 7 with vs2010
thank you


This should be fairly straight forward. If you google for any tutorials you will find a bunch of them.

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