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TinyTrans is a cross-platform application that can automatically detect and read PDF files from iTunes Library or WiFi network (definitely useful if you synchronize your iTunes Collection on multiple computers).
Advantages of a portable app
Installing this little app on your computers allows you to browse all your PDF files on your Mac or PC in the same list as always. It shows you the file icon along with the filename.
The built-in PDF reader can be used to double cde4edac5b

You will have the data associated with a date or range or you can export the information from several clients at the same time.
The program allows you to…

Furthermore for android you can also connect to the Cloud. A one click connect available with 2 ms transaction time.No need for registration, no geolocating demands.
The following facilities can be accessed, through the number of stored numbers at a time, the country to be targeted, the time to be final, the visible coordinates

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