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I’m pretty sure the word is «gross» and not «grain.»


Should I use a threaded rigid pipe for a wooden floor?

I plan to lay a floor of wood (like drywall) on a concrete slab.
The slab has a laminate floor installed and I need to remove it.
So I’m considering a method of installing a wooden floor over the concrete slab. My thinking is that the threaded rigid pipe will help with both installation and removal. The idea is to glue the wooden strips down to the concrete slab and then thread the rigid pipe into the wooden strips. You can see a picture of what I mean in the linked image.

So the idea is to use a threaded rigid pipe for this purpose. Am I thinking about this correctly?


Looks like it. But there will be loads of trouble to maintain that level of alignment and keeping it from flexing and rotating. I think the threaded pipe is more for strength than for facilitating installation/removal. It’s a place to start with. See @mikeshouse.
If you want to do a DIY job and use the pipe as a guide to keep the strips aligned you can always glue them onto the pipe and then remove.
If you’re thinking about water tightness you can drill 1/4″ holes for sealing, and drill some spigots from the pipe at your ends.
Also, make sure that there are no nails or screws that could be causing any issues. It’s pretty likely that, if there is any problem you won’t be able to see it and you’ll be looking at the floor when you make it.

We can turn on the lights and other items in an office or a bedroom. We can even plug in our laptop to a wireless router and surf the web at home, work, and in the car!

Laptops have become a necessity and they have become much more compact, powerful, and portable than ever before. Since a majority of computer users spend at least a part of their time online, there are many popular laptop brands and models that are usually well-known and well-liked.

Here are a few of the most popular laptop models on the market today.

HP Pavilion, 700

HP’s Pavilion is one of the most popular laptop models on the market today.


106.sledge or lie with open violation of our laws on our person or property.
The “free” was often noted on manuscripts of the time, and the line was eventually developed into a beautiful “call and response” type of rhythm.The Spanish billionaire fund manager who fled to Switzerland last month at the height of the Catalonia independence crisis says he plans to return to the country within days.

Fabián Prada, who was among more than 800 Catalan public officials and political leaders who fled to Switzerland in the days that followed a declaration of independence by the region’s separatist leaders, has since publicly criticised the Swiss for their attitude towards the crisis and called on them to take action against separatist politicians.

His supporters, who had also been desperate to get him out of Spain, had criticised the Swiss for a lack of action against Catalan politicians who had fled, but Prada has said he has received assurances that all those involved in the declaration of independence would be returned to Spain.

Prada is now hoping to be back in Spain by Friday, according to his lawyer, and told the Guardian from Geneva that he was “relieved” by the developments. “Spain is the best thing in the world. My children are Spanish. My sister lives there. It’s always been the country of my heart,” he said.

Prada said he was surprised that the Swiss had allowed him to be detained by Spanish police on a European arrest warrant issued by Catalan prosecutors on 4 October, at the request of Spanish prosecutors. He said he was now waiting for his lawyers in court to see if he could be extradited.

If extradited, he said, he was looking at prison time for the money laundering charges that form part of the investigation into the Catalan leaders, who last month declared independence of the wealthy north-eastern region. He said he had no plan to flee the country again. “I would have liked to have been able to live in Spain, and I would like to be able to go back now,” he said.

He dismissed critics who have suggested he should not return to Catalonia because of his wealth. “That is just another money-making scheme. It’s not for me to decide what’s ethical or not in this. I would have loved to have lived in Spain but I did not think I would be stopped from coming back. The Swiss did not make the decision

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