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Auto Music Composer is a lightweight application that allows you to test several tunes and create music.
You just have to press the chord button and test the tune. Pressing the ‘start’ button, you will be able to hear a one minute tune.

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Auto Music Composer Crack + Free [Win/Mac] [Latest]

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KeyMacro is a software to let you play and generate music in the most simple way. It is made for people who want to learn music or just want to create songs with a big range of chords and melodies.
keymacro is made to work for people who want to learn music because it is easy to use and create songs, even if you have never used the keyboard before.
BOTTOM LINE: A really light and fast application with MIDI capabilities to create music.
KeyMacro will help you to learn to play the guitar. This application makes things really easy, and will help you to be a more creative musician.
The application can play at midi, and allows you to create a midi file as you play the song.
keymacro is a music app for guitarists. It will teach you to play guitar by providing you with a friendly and easy to use interface.
KeyMacro is a free application to play music. With it, you can play guitar, bass, and piano without any difficulty.
The program allows you to quickly create music by letting you play various chords and melodies.
keymacro is an audio player with a lot of features. It plays music, mp3 and wma files. It can play with.mid,.wav and.aif files. It can be opened by double-clicking on its executable file. You can then double-click on its icon to launch the program.
With the easy-to-use interface and the preset songs, keymacro is the perfect application for beginners to use and learn.
This program also includes the following features:
support for guitar, bass, and piano
MIDI editor
Sound editor
8 preset songs
Audio output
You can also make new songs using any chords or chords with the MIDI editor.
This application is perfect for beginners. With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can play your favorite songs.
The features are:
— MIDI editor
— help
— easy to use
Keymacro is a powerful, lightweight and fast application.
— MIDI editor
KeyMacro has a MIDI editor to allow you to create new tunes by playing different chords and melodies.
— sound editor
With this application, you can play piano, guitar, and bass, but also use any sound you want.
— presets
The application comes with 8 MIDI songs, which you can easily adapt to your needs.

Auto Music Composer Crack + Download [Win/Mac]

The object of this application is to allow you to listen to music.
It’s a multi-chord tuner with a few chords.
You can insert chords, you can play them (normal and arpeggio), you can adjust the volume, you can play/pause music and you can stop music.

The interface

— A chord interface.
— A multitrack song (for each instrument).
— A lyrics interface.

The interface

The chords interface

A chord interface can be used to define chords.
You will be able to do the following:
— define chords
— define several chord types (major, minor, etc…)
— define the root note of each chord
— define the spacing between each chord (in semitones or in cents)
— define an optional arpeggio
— define the number of the chord (a chord number is also known as a chord number)

There are several buttons in the chord interface:
— The chord button displays all chords with their root note (ie: a Major chord has a root of A, a Minor of E, etc…)
— The notation button is used to see the notation of a chord (this button needs to be activated first)
— The parameter buttons enable you to modify the parameters of the chord.
The following buttons can be displayed:
— Root: the root note of the chord (eg: A = A, E = E, etc…)
— Note: the root note of the arpeggio (eg: A = A, D = D, etc…)
— Spacing: the number of semitones or cents that separates two successive chords
— Number: the number of the chord
— Root-Note: the root note of the arpeggio
— Normal: makes the chord normal or arpeggio
— Arpeggio: it’s the chord with the arpeggio (that is the root note that precedes the first note of the arpeggio)

The chords interface allows you to define chords.

The chords interface is really simple to use.

The root note (ie: the note that is the root of the chord) and the number of the chord must be defined first.

Then, each chord can be defined.

The spacing between the chord must be defined.

The root of the arpeggio must

What’s New In?

✔ Accurately determine the chords (the most famous keyboard software).

✔ Adjust the pitch

✔ You can move the drum beat and various effects through the touch of a button.

✔ High quality musical tracks

✔ 16 musical instruments

✔ Quick keys piano for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac.

✔ High quality piano for iPad, iPod touch or Mac,

✔ Optimized for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac

✔ Write your own songs and share them with others

✔ Fine tuning feature for serious piano players


✔ MIDI Tuning: the main function of this application is to provide you a tool to tune your keyboard (keyboard’s note accuracy) so you can create music. It’s simple and easy, you just need to place the selected note and hold your finger on the note until it vibrates. There are the option to play the tune or press the Play button to listen to the tune.

✔ Accurate Tuning: this is the main reason to use this application. This application helps you tune your keyboard at high accuracy. It’s easy and fast. You just press the chord button and the main notes will appear on your screen. If you press any note on the screen, the main notes will appear and you can drag your finger on any note, until you hear it vibrate. You can read the note you pressed on your screen, adjust the pitch, slow down or speed up the tune, select the piano tune you want, set the keyboard type (real or virtual) and it’s done!

✔ Tunes: With this application, you can create or compose your own piano music. It’s simple and easy, you just press the chord button and create your own music! You can:

— Create songs with your own piano keyboard.

— Use any song for your piano music.

— Create your own tunes or your own chords.

— You can play your music using your iPhone/iPad or Mac.

— You can add drums, sounds effects, and any other musical instrument you want.

— Create your own unique music by using MIDI or make your piano music.

— Play through a tune and fast forward.

— You can record a song with a stereo microphone or your own voice.


• iOS 7.0 or later

• 64 MB RAM

• iPod touch/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (5th generation)

• Mac (OS X 10.7.5 or later)

• CD or USB Keyboard (USB with MIDI MIDI Interface)

• An Apple mouse, trackpad or keyboard

• An Internet connection

• A MIDI keyboard or midi app to hear the sound you’re playing


System Requirements For Auto Music Composer:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz or better) or AMD Athlon X2 2200+ or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 7600 / ATI Radeon X1950 or better
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card, headphones
Other: Windows 7 SP1 or later
Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD

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