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Clinical Study Tracker (CST) is a simple, handy, simple to use, easy to use tool designed to track progress and completion of medical tests performed on participants of clinical trials. CST is developed to aid the clinical studies managers to track the progress of the participants of the study. The main purpose of the tool is to enter data into the study database for tracking and retrieval of the progress report of the study. The database can be accessible online to the research organization (OR). The main goal of the tool is to provide the medical data of the participant to the researcher in the form of data entry screen. The database can be accessible online to the research organization. This application is designed to ease the data entry tasks. The application is designed to keep the data collected by medical staff in an organized manner and make the entries on time.
Clinical Study Tracker has several features like Activity List, Logging Tool, and User Management tool. It has two sections. 1) For Adminstration: the tool suite comprises of an Administration Tool used to setup the database, and a Logging Tool for logging progress data. 2) For Participants: it has a File tab to enter data for users’ screening tests in “Clinical Studies Tracker”. The users’ screening test can be set for individual users. The Program Manager can track test requests for any user in the system. The Admins can enter the data into the database and assign dates to the tasks. The system can be used with “CST Record” Version 7.02 or higher.
Clinical Study Tracker Admin Features:
Administration Tool:
It can be used to make the database. It provides two features. 1) Data Entry Screen: The screen gives a detailed description of the screen and the entries to be done. The system will guide the user in the selection of the appropriate screens. 2) Data Entry Page: The page provides the option to enter the data at a time. It is the default page used in the program. The user can edit the data on any other page using the ‘Back’ button.
Admin Tool Screen:
Admin Tool:
Admin Tool Screen:
Main Tool Window:
Admin Tool:
Main Tool Window:

Logging Tool:
It is used to track the progress of the study. The screen provides the options to enter the activity step-wise process. The user can enter the progress data into the ‘Logging’ tab and can save the data into the

Clinical Study Tracker [2022]

The application is designed to be simple and easy to use. The design includes a procedure flow for the medical tests. The flow includes an outline, with each step including the procedural text, date, when the activity (medical test) is performed and name of the person performing the test. Each step has been made to be very user friendly and include a step counter (this counter counts each activity of the test, and is displayed on the bottom of the page).
The flow of the procedure is printed as a template for each test, with the outline shown in red, while the steps are colored blue.
Each step has a counter that counts how many times each step has been performed. This counter is red and counts down. In the last activity of the procedure the counter becomes yellow. At this point the activity has been successfully completed.
At any point of time, the procedures can be stopped at any step to insert additional procedural details, or to check if the procedure has been performed correctly.
Clinical Study Tracker can be used as a reference for the testers and/or study investigators and record any changes made to the procedures after the test has started.
Clinical Study Tracker was created for medical testers (and or study investigators) who need to keep track of what medical tests have been performed, what has been done and what are the results of the tests.
At any time while the test is in progress (and after the test has been completed) the user can review the history of the test and log the results.
Clinical Study Tracker can be used for any type of study, but is best suited to studies where the medical tests are performed during the course of the study (basically to monitor how the test subject is progressing over time).
The Tool Suite consists of:
1. Administration
2. Logging
3. Audit
4. Reports
5. Modules
6. Statistics
1. Setup and Main Menu:
You can setup a database of the study, which includes the clinical study test list (it can be sorted by date or name), the test start and completion dates, the study location, study status, test type, test name, test description, test result, test result interpretation, medical person performing the test and assign it to a person (can be assigned to different persons)
2. Administration Tool:
This is a simple tool to create, edit, delete and save the studies and tests within the database.
3. Logging

Clinical Study Tracker Activation [Win/Mac]

Clinical Study Tracker (CST) is a tool designed to help with the process of completing study specific documentation on the progress of a clinical trial or other medical study. CST allows for a user to view information regarding subjects that are entered into the database.

The process of enrolling patients into a clinical trial requires identification of the subject’s eligibility for the clinical trial. The eligibility of the subject can be evaluated based on pre-existing condition, presence of a genetic condition, pregnancy status, and even the age of the patient. Once the patient is identified as eligible for the clinical trial, a subject enrollment log is generated and the subject is given a study number and randomization number. In some trials the subject is assigned a unique identifier such as their electronic medical record number (EMR ID) or study number. Once the enrollment process has been completed, the patient undergoes a series of tests (see patient test order). For example, in a clinical trial where patients are randomly assigned to one of two treatment groups, the patient would undergo a series of tests to determine the efficacy of the treatment given to the patient.

Once the subject has completed the tests prescribed by the study, the subject is seen by the study coordinator or site manager, the subjects tests results are compiled into the study, and an exit interview is conducted with the patient. The exit interview is a process in which the study coordinator or site manager reviews the subjects results with the patient to see if the patient was compliant with the study requirements, discussed the results of the test with the patient, and reviewed the consent form the patient signed prior to entering the study. The subject is also given a follow up contact date that is used as an indicator of the subjects completion of the study.

CST is specifically designed to make the process of completion of a clinical trial much easier, allowing for a subjects progress to be tracked in a simpler format than a paper based log. Once enrolled in the study, subjects progress can be viewed by the subject or the subject’s care giver, providing them with an easy means to track the patients progress through the study.

To better utilize the subject information logged, CST can be linked to other databases such as medical records, pharmacy records, insurance claims, and so on. The information that is gathered from the subjects testing can also be easily linked to other study databases providing the investigators with information on the efficacy of the test to the researchers. This information can then be used to make future test selection.



What’s New In Clinical Study Tracker?

Clinical Study Tracker or CST is a handy, simple application designed to be used to track progress and completion of medical tests performed on participants during a clinical study. Front page has ‘file folder appearance’ which allows for easy, understandable data entry.

The CST tool suite comprises of an Administration Tool used to setup the database, and a Logging Tool for logging progress data.

The CST tool suite is integrated with Visual FoxPro (including Visual FoxPro 6.0, 2002 and 2003) and Visual FoxPro 6.5. You can also use Microsoft Visual FoxPro Studio to create, edit, and compile your queries and forms for use with CST.

The CST tool suite has been created using Visual FoxPro but it is fully compatible with Visual FoxPro 6.0, 2002 and 2003. It was written using the same principles as the previous version of CST.

There is a FREE 30 day trial version available for download. Please make a note that the free trial version allows for a maximum of 100 records to be added to the database at one time. If the database exceeds this number, the free trial version will immediately stop.

Version 6.0 includes added support for reporting using a Salesforce DataService object which provides a report of any activity that is pending status. Also includes support for the use of the v6.0 Font Previewer.

Version 6.5 includes the ability to run reports for all participants and includes the ability to generate reports for specific participants.

There are 2 main modes of use:

Simple mode

The application is extremely easy to use. The window allows you to select a study, then your test types and then your subjects. It will create a new study and generate a fresh sql file with the same format as your existing sql file. It will also create a new database with a fresh name and with all the same fields as your existing database. The new database will be created in your MyDocuments folder. The database in MyDocuments is read only but it will only contain the data needed for the study and test types and participants for your study.

Interactive mode

With interactive mode you are allowed to create the study and test types and participants directly within the main CST window. You will also be allowed to add missing participant data. It will also allow you to track activity for a specific participant. This mode of use requires that you have all the records for your study and your test types and participants to complete.

Clinical Study Tracker Interface:

To begin using Clinical Study Tracker, open the Application as shown in the screenshot on the right. The first screen you will see is the Application Title screen.

Clinical Study Tracker Screenshot:

Click on the Title of the application to go to the first page.

Clinical Study Tracker Title Page Screenshot:

The main page is the

System Requirements:

Recommended System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.10 (macOS Sierra) and up
Win 10, Win 8, Win 7
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 1.5 GHz or AMD Athlon or similar
512 MB RAM
25 GB of free space
DirectX 9
A high resolution video card
1 GB or more of free disk space
DVD-ROM drive or USB Flash Drive
Audio headset
Online Play: