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Novell GroupWise Messenger Download [Updated] 2022

Novell GroupWise Messenger is a cross-platform
email and instant messaging client for Microsoft Windows,
Apple Macintosh, and UNIX, featuring a combination of
ease of use and powerful communications features.
Each platform has its own set of commands, allowing
any PC-user or Mac-user to communicate with his or her
friends on a GroupWise installation without having to
learn a new language.
In this case the Trillian Pro extension for the
GroupWise Messenger plugin will integrate the Novell
GroupWise Messenger commands into the Trillian Pro

Trillian Backup
Extension for GroupWise
Trillian Backup is a software application for backing up a collection of users on a Windows Server.
· GroupWise v5.5+
.Trillian Backup extension for GroupWise Description:
A GroupWise Backup extension for Trillian Backup.




Trillian Kernel
Extension for GroupWise
Trillian Kernel is a software application for monitoring the status of a Windows Server.
· GroupWise v5.5+
.Trillian Kernel extension for GroupWise Description:
A GroupWise Kernel extension for Trillian.

Trillian Recovery
Extension for GroupWise
Trillian Recovery is a software application for recovering from catastrophic failures of the GroupWise operating system.
· GroupWise v5.5+
.Trillian Recovery extension for GroupWise Description:
A GroupWise Recovery extension for Trillian.

Trillian IM
Extension for GroupWise
Trillian IM is a software application for instant messaging users on a Windows Server.
· GroupWise v5.5+
.Trillian IM extension for GroupWise Description:
A GroupWise IM extension for Trillian.

Trillian is an instant messaging client for Windows. Trillian is free for
personal use only.

Trillian for
Macintosh Description:
Trillian for Mac is a free, easy to use instant messaging client. Trillian for
Mac supports most IM clients out-of-the-box and has many features not found in
other instant messaging clients.

Trillian is a free instant messaging

Novell GroupWise Messenger Crack Free

Make the Trillian PRO’s chat window emulate the behaviour of the
(Novell GroupWise Messenger) chat window by setting the KEYMACRO
key to be the same as the Novell GroupWise Messenger product.
This will be used in conjunction with the Trillian PRO’s XChat
IM plugin in order to support multiple chat windows (IM client) on
the same Trillian PRO browser.

Display the invisible jpg icon for the selected contact in the list.
· Trillian 3.0+
· Symbian 7.0 or later

Enabling this feature will place the search box in the information
bar at the top of the screen when the browser is in windowed mode.
· Trillian 3.0+
· Symbian 7.0 or later

Control the colour of the list of contacts that appear in the ‘Chats’
and ‘Chat History’ tabs.
· Trillian 3.0+
· Symbian 7.0 or later

There is a bug in the Symbian Sidebar code that causes the
Trillian-sidebar-list.png image to not be created when creating
profile skins. This bug can only be corrected by a skin developer.

Custom menus for Trillian and Trillian PRO

· Trillian 3.0+
· Trillian PRO 3.0+

Create a custom menu in the directory ~/.Trillian/Menu.

The custom menu can have 3 types of entries.

· Open the browser
· Open a specific contact
· Open a specific chat session


Adding a custom menu entry using the ‘Remote Control’ feature is
possible as long as the host-script is capable of opening the web

The following example will open Google when the selected contact is
using Google Talk:

Item name



Show a list of contacts.


Select the contact.


Open a page in a browser.


Show a page in a browser.


Show the details of the contact.

If you prefer to not allow remote control on the computer then you
can still add menu entries by editing the file ~/.Trillian/Menu.

Novell GroupWise Messenger Crack+ Keygen

New in 3.0 is our support for Novell GroupWise, which allows you to send, receive, and
create messages to and from this popular IM program.
· Messages can be received through pop-up windows on the desktop or in a user’s own
web browser.
· GroupWise can also be used as a web client, to have it open messages in Trillian.
The web client is located in Trillian Options->Web Clients.

Trillian Messenger is distributed with a 30-day trial version of Trillian Pro, which can be
downloaded from the website After the 30-day period,
Trillian Messenger is distributed with Trillian Pro for the life of the software.

New Features in Trillian Messenger:
Support for Novell GroupWise for Trillian Messenger
Web Clients
Support for Dial-up modems with Trillian Messenger
New in-tray icon
Improved HTML rendering

New in Trillian Pro:
New web-based management interface (requires Trillian Pro)
Support for SSL/TLS encryption for IMs and new ID name for SSL user aliases.
If you are using an alias, it will not be created if SSL is enabled.
Integration with the new advanced search feature in Trillian Pro.
Trillian Pro supports plugins.
Resize a window’s title bar without moving the window.
Allow users to select a different font size for IRC.
User settings and preferences are saved across launches.
Integration with user scripts for adding
Search and Indexing tools
Improved command line interface with ability to specify alias filenames
Linking of alias files and user scripts with.alias and.script commands.
Ability to replace default Trillian UI with a custom UI.
Ability to specify default browser to launch the web client.
General Trillian Pro UI improvements
Group management within Trillian Pro
Ability to create groups from a set of Trillian Pro aliases
Ability to export a list of Trillian Pro users to CSV
Added an option in the Trillian Pro preferences dialog to specify the file name and icon
to use for a Java Web Start application that will be automatically launched when Trillian Pro
is started.
Option to specify the server and port to connect to when Trillian Pro is started
Additional configuration file options
Ability to define an autorun configuration file for Java Web

What’s New In Novell GroupWise Messenger?

When using Trillian Pro with Novell GroupWise version 6.0, support for
the Novell GroupWise version 6.0 integration and plugin is available.

This plugin allows the integration of the GroupWise Explorer
with the Trillian Pro User Interface.

This plugin is made with the support of the original Author:
Jason Lovasz ( and Freeware Mediafire:

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