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Keeping your browser bookmarks safe and neatly organized isn’t quite a walk in the park, especially if you’re dealing with a large number of entries. Of course, each modern browser these days has an inherent, default bookmarks manager, which most of the time, has adequate capabilities. However, for a more reliable, dedicated solution, zebNet Bookmark Manager can provide users with a centralized platform for creating multiple databases and populating them with a myriad of websites.
Well-designed layout, which promotes easy handling and an intuitive bookmark input and editing process
Right from the start, the first thing that came to our attention while testing the application was the ingenious design of the main interface. From start to finish, creating a database and adding bookmarks to it is a breeze, thanks to an intuitive workflow.
We believe that the chosen design elements and their particularities, manage to maximize efficiency, while still retaining the all-essential accessibility, which most users crave when dealing with such programs.
Add one or multiple databases, choose to import your bookmarks, and tweak the parameters of your bookmarks collection in great detail
As stated above, creating one or multiple databases for storing your beloved bookmarks is a quite straightforward process, thanks to the accessible features and overall easy-going demeanor of the entire app handling.
Furthermore, when going beside the basics, those who are even more concerned about their bookmarks and the way that these are stored and displayed, have access to a multitude of settings for defining the behavior of the app, as well as an in-depth configurator for each individual bookmark.
Useful bookmarks manager, which manages to strike a good balance between functionality, design, and accessibility
If you’re on the lookout for an application that is able to safely store your Internet bookmarks, zebNet Bookmark Manager can provide much more than what is typically found in the default bookmarks managers included these days with most browsers.







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Get ready to bookmark the entire web, from your favorite websites to those that are quite frankly, giving you a headache. zebNet Bookmark Manager 2022 Crack is not only able to handle bookmarks stored locally in the device, but also those uploaded directly from the Internet. By using our software, you are able to collect and organize these bookmarks from wherever they are found.
First things first, we want to stress that we, at zebNet, are very much aware of the fact that today, on the Internet, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The fact that an application is able to store the bookmarks of its users, does not mean that the program is completely in the clear. We hope you will appreciate the fact that we are mentioning it in our review.
zebNet Bookmark Manager Crack is among the top 10 most reviewed bookmark managers in the Play Store. Why do we say this, you may ask? Well, it’s simple: it’s a simple, useful, easy-to-use tool that allows you to easily store, organize and manage bookmarks, whatever you may find online. We think it’s well worth your time and money.
Part of what makes zebNet so special is its focus on functionality. Apart from the fact that the application is capable of saving bookmarks directly from the browser, you are also able to import URLs directly from various files types.
Another piece of functionality that separates zebNet Bookmark Manager from the rest is its capability to analyze the data collected and offer suggestions for improvement. This is important because it is entirely possible that some bookmarks that the user wants to save, will have malignant code or phishing attempts.
zebNet Bookmark Manager provides users with a platform for storing their bookmarks, which we can definitely say is a very powerful functionality. Let’s just list all the features the application provides, shall we?
What Makes zebNet Special: The following section will not just help you decide whether or not you should download zebNet Bookmark Manager, but will also explain how the application works and why we recommend it to everyone.
First of all, the software can handle bookmarks stored locally on your device, as well as those uploaded directly from the Internet.
Second of all, the application can save bookmarks to various files (including.xdb,.db and.txt files).
zebNet Bookmark Manager is compatible with all the major web browsers (including Firefox,

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JAVASCRIPT-based bookmark manager that can easily be adapted to individual needs. Keystrokes, comments, macros,…

Mac OS X has a built-in native Address Book app, but it doesn’t include a lot of features, such as sorting or the ability to store groups. It also doesn’t sync easily, and it doesn’t have a big database of contacts. You can use the Address Book from iCloud or iPhoto/Aperture, but there are a lot of places you need a desktop address book.
zebNet Desktop Bookmarks is an excellent address book app. It’s easy to use, can store more than 20,000 contacts, and it syncs over several devices.
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* You can see the last contacts added.
* You can keep your address book synced over iCloud.
* You can open and edit address book entries in an easy-to-use editing window.
zebNet Desktop Bookmarks also works with Windows Contacts and Active Directory.
You can run it from the macOS menu. It’s not a big program, so it won’t take long to get to work. You can even edit contacts right from the app. It’s really easy to use. You can also sync to iCloud, Windows Contacts, or Active Directory.

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> zebNet Bookmark Manager is a safe and intuitive application for managing your bookmarks.
> It allows you to create multiple databases and populate them with a large number of bookmarks.
> zebNet Bookmark Manager is a highly customizable application that offers the ability to import your bookmarks from various sources such as browsers, Internet Explorer favorites, etc.
> Browse and search through your bookmarks with ease and intuitive design
> Add one or multiple databases and setup import methods and preferences for your data
> Use the Configurator to customize each database individually
> Search your bookmarks with powerful text search tools and options
> Export your favorite bookmarks for later use
> Generate a report of the most visited websites and export them in HTML, CSV or Microsoft Excel
> zebNet Bookmark Manager is a safe and reliable way to organize, and manage your Internet bookmarks.
> It is the best bookmark manager for Windows operating systems and can be run as a standalone application, a service, or a portable app.
> zebNet Bookmark Manager has a simple and intuitive user interface that allows you to quickly import, export and customize your bookmarks.
> For Windows users, zebNet Bookmark Manager is a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution that lets you create multiple databases and populate them with a large number of bookmarks.
> zebNet Bookmark Manager enables you to easily browse and search through your bookmarks and export them as a text file, HTML or CSV file.
> Manage, organize, and export your bookmarks in a safe and reliable manner
> zebNet Bookmark Manager can run as a standalone application, a service, or a portable application.
> Simple and intuitive design, which promotes easy handling and an intuitive bookmark input and editing process
> Choose to create one or multiple databases and populate them with a large number of bookmarks.
> zebNet Bookmark Manager is a safe and reliable solution for organizing and managing your Internet bookmarks.
> Browse and search through your bookmarks with ease and intuitive design.
> Add one or multiple databases and setup import methods and preferences for your data.
> Use the Configurator to customize each database individually.
> Export your favorite bookmarks for later use.
> Generate a report of the most visited websites and export them in HTML, CSV or Microsoft Excel.
> zebNet Bookmark Manager is a safe and reliable solution for organizing and managing

What’s New In ZebNet Bookmark Manager?

This is an ultimate bookmark manager. It will help you to manage bookmarks and organize them by default browser or other sites. You can easily manage your bookmarks by creating many database. You can import and export your bookmarks from any android devices to computer with this tool.
It is the first and only tool which have in-built web browsers database with an easy to use interface. So, there is no need to export the bookmarks to your computer first.
With this awesome bookmark manager, you will never forget any bookmark again. You can export your bookmarks to various devices by this tool.
Key features of zebNet Bookmark Manager:
1. Bookmark importing and exporting.
2. Bookmark creation tool.
3. Bookmark search tool.
4. Bookmark synchronization tool.
5. Bookmark group in tab.
6. Import or export bookmark to devices.
How to use zebNet Bookmark Manager on an Android device:
Open any web browser on your device like Chrome, Firefox and so on.
After that, go to "Tools".
Press on "Bookmark Manager".
Open "Add Bookmark" and enter your desired URL.
Now, choose any bookmark manager from "Import" or "Export".
Choose one of your "Database", press on "OK" and choose another one from "Import" or "Export".
You can import multiple URLs or you can also choose a complete website.
Finally, press on "Add" to add it to your database.
If you have been using zebNet Bookmark Manager on your desktop browser, you can easily sync them with your Android device.
For that, go to "Tools".
Press on "Sync".
Choose "Import" or "Export" and enter the device IP or hostname.
Press on "OK" and you are good to go.
zebNet Bookmark Manager: Pros and cons:
+ Easy to handle.
+ Great design.
+ Intuitive.
+ Free of cost.
— Poor support.
— No support for editing bookmarks.
zebNet Bookmark Manager Download:
zebNet Bookmark Manager

System Requirements For ZebNet Bookmark Manager:

○ DirectX 9.0c
○ OpenGL 3.3
○ Frame Buffer Size: 512×512
○ Visual Memory: 3GB
○ RAM: 4GB
○ Processor: Intel Core i3
○ OS: Windows 10 64bit
○ Other: Download Intel® Graphics Installer:
○ Other: Download OpenGL* SDK v3.3: