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Alpha Key Saver 5.3.08 Crack For Windows [Latest 2022]

Alpha Key Saver is a small software application whose purpose is to help you store commonly used text records and make use of a hotkey in order to paste them in different windows. It also features support for a spell checker and password manager for storing passwords and account information. This tool comes in handy especially when you need to insert repetitive text in your email messages or other documents without having to re-type data.
Clean design:
You are welcomed by a straightforward layout that allows you to create a database where you can store text items so you can reuse them on the fly. Creating a new database can be done by providing information about the filename and saving directory.
You can also consult a help manual in case you need extra assistance with the configuration process. The utility runs quietly in the system tray until it gets activated with the mouse or hotkey.
Store text items with ease:
Alpha Key Saver gives you the possibility to organize text records that you frequently use into custom categories. Adding a brand-new text item to the database can be done by selecting the preferred category from a drop-down list, adding a description, assigning a user-defined hotkey for quickly pasting the text, and specifying the target text.
What’s more, you are allowed to manually type in the text or paste the information from the clipboard, save text with formatting options, make use of a spell checker to identify possible errors, remove formatting, load data from RTF or plain text files, as well as insert time and date macros.
Other important options worth being mentioned enable you to assign custom hotkeys to show the main screen, open password value, and apply spell checking capabilities to the content of the clipboard, as well as store data about accounts (e.g. description, user ID, password, notes) with the aid of a password manager. Password vault data can be exported to CSV file format.
What is new in this release:
This Release fixes the issue of performing multiple operations in certain circumstances.

It has a new key for disabling the input window.
It now shows the type of text in the address bar in the clipboard for easier access.
Other bug fixes.

Alpha Key Saver Category:

Publisher: John Harton

License: Trial version

File Size: 4.81 MB

CNET Reviews

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Alpha Key Saver 5.3.08

A small utility designed to help you easily insert various items of data, such as text, dates, or numbers into any document without having to manually type the information. This application makes use of the Alpha Keystroke Recorder that provides a list of customizable hotkeys that can be assigned to insert a brand-new text item, date, or a number, insert the date or time in any format, or edit the clipboard content. KEYMACRO is free, open-source software.
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Alpha Key Saver 5.3.08 Full Version

Alpha Key Saver is a small software application that allows you to save text items that you frequently use in the database.
Free download of Alpha Key Saver, size 1.66 Mb.

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What’s New In?

You are invited to create a database with various text items such as passwords, passwords, notes, descriptions, usernames, notes, URLs, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. that you can access and reuse by means of hotkeys or mouse clicks in order to make the data even more useful. The program lets you store any type of text record and allows you to insert it into any other application. If you are not satisfied with the database you created with Alpha Key Saver, you can even change its content or delete it and start all over again.
Your package contains a wizard-like setup procedure that will guide you through all of the configuration options.
Alpha Key Saver is designed to save your time by letting you store text items and make use of them instantly. The utility lets you make use of a spell checker and a password manager to store password and account information.
What’s more, it allows you to import data from RTF, plain text, and HTML files, as well as store formatting options. You can also load data from the clipboard and the program comes with a built-in file browser so you can select files and paste them to the text items database.
This program is very easy to use and even novice users can easily take advantage of all features with the aid of step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the configuration process.
Alpha Key Saver also allows you to perform various operations by using a hotkey. This includes showing the main screen, showing the password value, and applying spell checking capabilities to the clipboard content.
In addition to basic features, the program also enables you to save data about accounts such as account names, passwords, notes, and passwords. For instance, you can choose a password value and type a new password to replace it. You can also make use of a password manager that will automatically store the data about accounts and passwords and automatically select the preferred text item in order to paste the text into another application.
Another very useful option is the automatic date and time macros that will save the time and date into a text record when it is pasted.
Alpha Key Saver is a useful tool for professionals and beginners alike. The program lets you store any type of text data and make use of it with a single hotkey. You can even insert data into the Windows clipboard directly with the aid of this software.
Besides, the program comes with built-in spell checking capabilities for detecting mistakes and highlighting them.
As the program lets you store passwords, notes, usernames, and descriptions, you can make use of a built-in password manager to store accounts and passwords. When you need to get a password or account info for any application, you will have it at hand with just a single mouse click.
Moreover, the program features a very intuitive interface and you are allowed to edit the data as you wish.
The only downside

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