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The architecture of the program was based on principles from projectional drawing software, and allows users to create geometric figures in a 2D workspace or view 3D models and to display and print them as 2D drawings. The most recent version, AutoCAD 2017, includes additional features for analysis and 2D drafting, and supports parametric design.

A skilled CAD operator may use AutoCAD to draw, edit and annotate 2D plans, to assemble and disassemble 3D models, and to draw and convert 2D paper and photos into 2D or 3D drawings.

AutoCAD and other Autodesk applications are designed to use a mouse and other computer pointing devices to draw objects. For novice users, a keyboard is often used to provide the command codes needed to control the program. A CAD operator may also use trackball or tablet or digitizer devices as input devices to enter drawings.

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In addition, the.NET framework can be used to build applications for AutoCAD, by using Visual Studio.

Windows API,.NET, Visual LISP and ObjectARX are implemented in a language extension to AutoCAD called ObjectARX. In Visual LISP, if a programmer modifies the runtime environment they are modifying AutoCAD. In.NET and Visual LISP, programmers can use tools such as Visual Studio to add and modify features of AutoCAD.

Through the use of the AUTO command, AutoCAD allows for users to code in AutoLISP, Visual LISP, VBA,.NET and ObjectARX.

AutoLISP and Visual LISP (VS-LISP) is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

AutoCAD Architecture and Civil 3D
AutoCAD Architecture is a product developed by Autodesk which provides the functionality of Architectural Design Software. It is divided into the areas of Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. AutoCAD Architecture is a licensed application (the use of the software without AutoCAD Professional is only available in the academic market).

AutoCAD Civil 3D is a product of Autodesk for architecture, engineering and construction design. Civil 3D can be used to model various types of civil engineering projects, such as bridges, dams, roads and more. Civil 3D is a free application.

Autodesk Exchange Apps
Autodesk Exchange Apps are third-party applications created by Autodesk for the release of their software.


External links

Official AutoCAD Web site
Autodesk Exchange Apps Web site
Official AutoCAD Civil 3D Web site

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How to dynamically add EventHandlers and Custom Commands

I am struggling with adding a CustomCommand dynamically to a ContextMenu. The ContextMenu is being loaded via an XML File.
I found several tutorials for the EventHandler implementation, but I have to use the CustomCommand instead of the EventHandler, so I tried to adapt a few tutorials. But I can’t figure out how to store the CustomCommand properly. I keep getting a NullReferenceException when I store the CustomCommand inside a variable.
I want to add the contextMenu to a Panel. I need to add the contextMenu dynamically when the User clicks a button

AutoCAD Crack + [Mac/Win]

How to install

Open Autocad 2010, click «tools» on top of the screen, then click «update»;
Make sure the update type is to «update from install disc»;
Click «next», then click «Install» to finish updating Autocad 2010.

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

AutoCAD’s Print Task automation helps users take control of ink/toner jobs. Users can choose from Print Settings, Print Setup, Print Register, Print Setup, Image Settings, Print Stage, or other selections.

Image-based analysis in geospatial and automation can enhance your workflow.

Explore the AutoCAD 2023 2019 Update.

Check out the Release Notes to see what’s new in AutoCAD 2023.

Get technical support from a Certified Support Technician, over the phone or remotely. Get technical support from a Certified Support Technician, over the phone or remotely. Sign in

Revisit a 3D model:

Architects, interior designers, and urban planners can build 3D models of their designs to assess the spatial relationships and aesthetics of objects in a plan or elevation.

Project objects such as doors, windows, walls, furniture, cabinets, and other furnishings in a space appear as 3D surfaces that can be adjusted, filtered, and manipulated. You can manipulate them by dragging them and resizing them as needed.

Design changes are reflected in real-time.

Three-dimensional objects can be edited in 2D or 3D, simultaneously or independently, and in multiple views.

Drawings created using 3D are also compatible with AutoCAD and are included in AutoCAD’s built-in gallery.

What’s New in AutoCAD 2023

2D and 3D Drawing Tools

Extend your 2D and 3D capabilities with new tools to express ideas and inspire design, such as:

2D: The Spatial Analyzer is a powerful tool for rapid analysis of 2D plans and designs. You can quickly draw and annotate in 2D and perform complex analysis on design data. Designers can now trace and center points on a plan.

The Sphere Intersection (MI) tool can rapidly measure and calculate the shape, size, and volume of 2D objects using a single axis or a pair of intersecting lines.

3D: The Spatial Analyzer is a powerful tool for rapid analysis of 3D models and designs. You can quickly draw and annotate in 3D and perform complex analysis on 3D model data. Designers can now trace and center points on a 3D surface.

3D Printing Support:

More than 90 of the world’s leading manufacturers have implemented AutoCAD as

System Requirements:

See the Product page for system requirements.
Note that Mac and Linux systems require a 64-bit OS.
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