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AutoCAD 2023 24.2 Crack + License Keygen [Updated-2022]

The text attachments list (available in the Attachments tab on the Files toolbar, ) contains details about the active drawing. For example, there is a button to open the file in your preferred application, the file name, type of drawing, date created, and a preview image.

A list of your drawings is displayed in a command line dialog in the bottom right corner of the main screen. You can perform the following functions from this list:
Create a new drawing.
Rename a drawing.
Open a drawing.
Open the selected drawing.
Close the active drawing.

A drawing can be closed if no further changes are intended to the drawing. You can also remove a drawing from your current project list.

When a drawing is open, the application automatically saves it for you and displays the status bar indicating that the file has been saved. You can also do the following:
Open existing drawings from your most recently used drawing folder.
Save to disk.
Send to Clipboard.
Delete from disk.

When you have finished working on a drawing, use the dialog in the bottom right corner to close it. If you make no further changes, the drawing will automatically be saved. If you have opened a drawing without closing it, you can close it by selecting the appropriate icon.

File associations
The programs and applications associated with your operating system are stored in a database, which allows you to change the associations for a new file type. For example, you may have a file type called.shp, which is associated with GIS software such as ArcGIS. If you open a file with that extension, the associated software will open automatically, and you will not be asked if you wish to open it. If you change your mind about this and would like to open it yourself, you can do so by selecting the appropriate button.

The preferences dialog box is found on the Home tab on the left. This allows you to control the appearance of AutoCAD’s interface, including changing the size of the font, font colour, and thickness of lines.

User interface

AutoCAD offers a number of graphical user interface features which assist with the preparation and editing of 2D drawings. These include dimension and annotation tools, such as:

Dimension tools
The Dimension tool allows you to draw a freehand line, a circle, an ellipse, or a polyline (a line

AutoCAD 2023 24.2 Crack + Free

**Step 4:** Install AutoCAD LT 2013 SP1

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Numerous new commands to aid in the design of structures. Locking and rendering can now be applied to sections, 3D solids, and even dimension lines and angles. Geometric measurement tools are enhanced, as are the existing tools, including text measurement, arc length, and planes.

The Physics Editor, which simulates real world forces in 2D and 3D models, lets you evaluate the effect of external forces on models.

Numerous enhancements to Inventor (video: 1:19 min.)

New and enhanced CAD, CADD, MSP and PLM tools.

Revamped Work Space and command bars.

Multiple windows.

Dynamic updates to changes in the current view.

Command history.

Rendering improvements.

Several enhancements to DGN.

Enhanced drawing and editing in PowerDesigner.

Integrated and enhanced EPS and PDF import.

Plans to include a 2D PDF to PDF Import or Conversion utility.

Improved interoperability with MSP applications.

Availability of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT for iPhone.

Many new commands.

Enhanced usability.

PowerDesigner added to Autodesk’s core line of desktop applications.

Many improved drawing and editing tools.

PDF functionality has been enhanced.

Previewing now uses separate X and Y streams in order to improve performance.

Help has been greatly improved with the introduction of a new Help Viewer that provides more information and can be used from a web browser.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT will be available on iPad.

Autodesk Inventor has received a major overhaul.

Revamped Work Space with the addition of four work panels.


Dynamically resizable dockable windows.


Task switcher.

Revamped rendering engine.

Revamped rendering.

Revamped design space and user interface.

Revamped physics engine.

Revamped end-user documentation.

Lots of new features.

Ability to set the unit of measure in the current drawing.

Ability to view and edit CAD objects.

Ability to specify

System Requirements:

Gamestop Exclusive Edition has the following requirements:
• Dual Core Processor (2.0GHz or faster) with at least 2GB RAM (3GB Recommended)
• Windows 7 or later
• 1280×800 resolution or higher
• ATI Radeon™ HD 4xxx, NVIDIA GeForce™ GTX 460 or better (single card)
• Full DirectX 11 compatible video card
• 256MB dedicated memory (512MB recommended)
Important Notes
• To use the Game Client, a

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