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Autodesk first released AutoCAD in 1982 as a desktop CAD application for microcomputers running the CP/M and VMS operating systems, featuring a 3-D drafting program for 2-D drafting and modeling of 3-D structures.

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AutoCAD 2000, released in December 1999, introduced object-modeling tools, real-time tools for showing and handling dynamic object-modeling changes, and the ability to change the scale of the model to automatically fit a plotter. AutoCAD Professional 2007 (a major version upgrade to AutoCAD 2006) expanded on this, with new modeling tools that permit more sophisticated and advanced modeling, and a tighter integration of real-time tools and object-modeling tools.

Software architecture

AutoCAD runs on most Windows operating systems, Apple Macintosh systems, and on most UNIX operating systems, in either a X11 or native windowing environment. AutoCAD is available for both commercial and academic use and is free to all users of AutoCAD for Windows. AutoCAD for Mac uses the open-source Apple Mac OS X operating system. AutoCAD for the Web can be installed on most browsers and runs in a «native» web browser environment. There is a wide range of plug-ins available that allow AutoCAD to be used for 3D modeling, rendering, support for file formats and file readers, and more. It has been ported to mobile operating systems including Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, Android TV, and Windows Mobile, and to web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. It is also compatible with the Apple iPad, and runs as a native app on the Apple Watch.


Originally developed for desktop- and microcomputer-based workstations in the 1980s, it was first released in December 1982 by Microprocessor Research Center (MRC), now part of Autodesk, as an implementation of the Avionics Computer Graphics Interface (ACGI) specification, which had been developed by the United States Air Force to facilitate drafting of aircraft instrument panels. This version was licensed by MRC to QUATTRO, a unit of Creo Products, Inc., which was initially known as QUATTRO Software, Inc. Autodesk acquired QUATTRO Software in 1988.

AutoCAD is notable for being the first widely used CAD software to support both parametric and iterative modeling, thereby permitting the creation

AutoCAD 24.1 [Updated]

AutoCAD uses a two-tiered processing pipeline. At the core is a 3D geometry engine, which implements the most basic geometric primitives such as lines, circles, arcs, surfaces, solids, and curves. The 3D geometry engine is responsible for rapidly and accurately processing drawing instructions. This allows AutoCAD to produce almost instantaneous results.

AutoCAD itself has many other components. These include tools for managing data (charts, parametric views, and grids), manipulation (geometry editing, and conversion), rendering (e.g. texture mapping), and design (e.g. extrusions and abutments). These components are layered on top of the 3D geometry engine and can be accessed using an API. These interfaces may be exposed to the outside world as command-line tools or user-visible windows.

Some of the older interfaces, such as the default command-line version, are still present. The new tools and features (such as the 3D geometry engine) are typically exposed to the outside world via the APIs.

AutoCAD supports several interfaces for customizing and extending its functionality. A number of different user-interface (UI) style conventions exist, and the interfaces vary in number of commands, options, and parameters that they support.

Command-line interface
AutoCAD’s command-line interface (CLI) can be used to access and edit objects, view the status of the system, run commands, and even define macros. It is primarily designed for editing geometry, but can be used to run a number of other types of commands as well. This CLI is built on the COM object services provided by Microsoft Windows.

AutoCAD’s CLI is often used by students of AutoCAD programming to learn the basics of AutoCAD programming and scripting. It is also often used by professional AutoCAD programmers. The CLI is also used as an add-on in other programs that provide editing functionality. The most popular examples include the free version of the free viewer DGN Export, the commercial GIS program ArcMap, and many programs that work with AutoCAD’s DWG and DXF formats.

User-interface style conventions
A number of AutoCAD’s interfaces follow one or more of a number of UI styles. Each has specific constraints and benefits.

The Command-line interface follows a relatively small, simple style with a command-line interface (CLI

AutoCAD 24.1

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What’s New in the?

Locate the laser projector in your CAD system, print out a sheet of paper or transfer a PDF to the laser printer. If the laser projector has at least one free surface, CAD can import a drawing or object and automatically add the project in 3D. This is usually a surface, extrusion, or a single-point rotation to achieve the angle.


Integrated ClearType text rendering for faster display of text.

Advanced text and symbols on MacOS: Articulate text and symbols in clear, precise annotations with automatic text recognition, transforming your designs into intelligent native digital tools.

Dynamic lighting for CAD drawings: Turn a local light source into a directional lighting source in real time.

Lines and shapes:

Lines and polygons are automatically reflected in multiple views, and displayed as separate objects in different views.

Add shapes from symbols, entities, and parts in drawings.

Line and geometric sets allow you to store and quickly reuse line and polygon sets in the same drawing.

You can reuse identical symbols for different parts and easily modify an existing symbol in multiple views.

Draw line and polygon sets using the toolbar or by dragging lines and polygons on the drawing canvas.

PDF Drawings:

Automatically import existing PDFs into your drawing as line, polygon, or text objects.

Import drawings from PDFs into the drawing canvas without additional steps.

Draw text directly on the PDF page.

Export a PDF drawing to a new drawing with automatic text recognition.

Find PDFs and open them quickly: Thumbnails of PDFs make it easy to find a PDF file in the current drawing, in your computer, and on your network.

Subsurface view:

A slice view of a 3D model at any level of detail.


Create precise dimensions using simple rulers.

Link dimensions to layers to create unique visual effects.

Specify dimensions in inches or millimeters.

Add a text dimension for text-based dimension references.

Improvements in the Part List dialog:

Import parts from external applications. You can drag a part from an external application onto your drawing and assign it to a layer.

Add and edit graphical parts in the Part List dialog.

Add and edit properties for your parts and layers, including width and length, material, color, offset, and text.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Mac OS X
Linux (Ubuntu 10.04, Debian 5)
GOG Galaxy requires the Intel® HD Graphics Graphics to run. If you have an older GPU, you may experience a lower frame rate.
Minimum system requirements:
Linux (Ubuntu 9.10, Debian 3.0)
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