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The purpose of a CAD application is to assist with the creation of accurate and useful drawings. Assembled drawings and drawings created from parts and assemblies, are called blueprints, drawings, and engineering drawings, and are used to create architectural, mechanical, or civil designs. Designs are used to create things such as furniture, vehicles, buildings, machines, toys, electronics, clothing, and almost any other product.

AutoCAD is used for architectural, engineering, mechanical, electrical, and planning projects, and is also used by artists for creating fine arts and sculptures. It can be used for 2D and 3D modeling and can be used for freehand drawing and for traditional and digital (laser) tracing of forms. It can also be used for creating engineering drawings for mechanical projects, electrical and light engineering, and as a CAD and drafting program.

Users can import objects into AutoCAD for editing. Objects include other CAD files, images, video, and vector graphics. Objects may be displayed, measured, converted to solids, duplicated, or hidden.

AutoCAD is a vector-based graphics application. It uses AutoCAD DWG and DXF, and.dwg and.dxf as well as other vector-based file formats. It is not based on pixel-based (bitmap) technology, rather it is based on vector technology (or geometrical technology) or a mixture of both. In Vector Technology, objects are defined by points, curves, and lines.

Different parts of a drawing are defined by attributes, such as line color, hatch pattern, linetype, and lineweight. Attributes are set on groups.

AutoCAD contains a powerful graphics engine that can be configured to display vector, bitmap, or a mix of the two. The graphics engine contains thousands of predefined styles that can be changed to suit the user’s needs.

*Updates to AutoCAD are released regularly. It is a major update every three years and minor updates every year.

There are three versions of AutoCAD: AutoCAD R13, AutoCAD R14, and AutoCAD R15. A quick overview of each is shown below. For detailed information, see the product specifications and the User’s Guide.

AutoCAD 2017

| AutoCAD 2018

| AutoCAD 2019

The basic price for AutoCAD is US $1399 per year

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Autodesk Exchange Apps
The Autodesk Exchange app store (formerly the Autodesk Gallery) is a web application that allows users to download third-party applications, which are to be used with Autodesk products. These applications are delivered in the form of an embedded web browser application with Adobe Flash, and because of this, the apps are not executable files like typical software.

AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Architecture is a computer-aided design, architectural-planning, and construction-management software for the design of new buildings, renovation projects, and development sites. Architecture is about the design and construction of buildings and the built environment, and in particular, it relates to architectural styles, building design, and planning. It is used in the design of public buildings, institutional buildings, corporate headquarters, high-rise residential towers, urban plans, home design, shopping malls, and movie studios.

AutoCAD Architecture was developed by Autodesk. It was designed to help architects and building designers improve the productivity of the design process. To achieve this goal, it was developed on a different architectural software platform than the rest of Autodesk’s product line. The design software is often used in conjunction with other software, such as AutoCAD, and is capable of importing files in the AutoCAD native format of DWG and DXF. This software has functionality that was formerly limited to AutoCAD, such as Structural Design, Building Information Modeling, and Building Information Modeling Construction.

The software is highly configurable, allowing users to change the appearance of the windows, window frames, and other visual aspects of the software, and it has a streamlined command syntax that allows users to perform a wide variety of tasks with few keystrokes. The software is available for personal computers (Windows and macOS) and is available for mobile devices (Android and iOS). It also has a cloud-based service called «AutoCAD 360» for real-time collaboration with other architects and designers.

AutoCAD Architecture is the first architectural design program that supports parametric design, the ability to create building components, and parametric building components that allow the user to set the initial size, shape, and dimensions of the component at the time of the design.

AutoCAD Architecture is one of the products included in the 3D Architectural Design Suite, which also includes Maya, Inventor, and Revit Architecture.

AutoCAD Architecture works with local files

AutoCAD Activator Free


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This tutorial was written for Autodesk Acn DGN 2012 r1 on Windows XP. The
instructions should be similar on other operating systems.


I am using Photoshop 5.5.2 to make this tutorial.

1. After opening Autodesk Autocad 2012, a menu will open.
2. Choose File->Convert or Shortcut->Convert. (or just press Ctrl-F)
3. Navigate to the folder of Autocad 2012 you just installed and
double-click on the autocad.exe.
4. The app will start in a compressed folder. Uncompress the folder
by pressing Ctrl-U.
5. You should see a Autocad Application Data folder. Inside it,
you should see a folder with your username and an Autocad folder.
Inside this folder is the app executable and an icon.
6. Double-click the icon and the app should run.
7. You’ll see a dialog with a menu.
8. Select «User Options» and click on the «OK» button.
9. Then click on the «Autocad» tab and click on the «Unlock» button.
10. You’ll be prompted with a serial number. Type the serial number in,
click the «OK» button.
11. The app will then attempt to install a serial number and
attempt to verify the serial number.
12. When it finishes installing, the app will open.


This is a tutorial, not a how to unlock guide.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Include comments and suggestions from people outside of your organization, as well as from team members within your organization, in a design. With the new markup import features, you can add and manage comments, keep track of who added a comment and when, and more. (video: 1:14 min.)

Share the comments you create with others so that everyone is working from the same document. Add comments in your drawing, and your changes will be automatically included in any other people’s copies of the drawing.

How to: Rapidly send and incorporate feedback into your designs. Import feedback from printed paper or PDFs and add changes to your drawings automatically, without additional drawing steps. (video: 1:15 min.)

AutoCAD more powerful than ever before

Crop, view, and edit almost any shape in a 2D drawing. Get immediate feedback on your edits by seeing a preview of the result. Re-center your view to an area of your drawing to see all the elements at once.

When you make changes to your drawing, your changes appear instantly in other people’s copies of your drawing.

Use the command line to control the program.

Track changes made to your drawing in the drawing history.

How to: Crop, view, and edit almost any shape in a 2D drawing. Get immediate feedback on your edits by seeing a preview of the result. Re-center your view to an area of your drawing to see all the elements at once.

Easy transitions to 3D

Get an intuitive, familiar 3D experience with AutoCAD. This new version of AutoCAD includes many improvements to improve workflow, including

A mouse wheel scroll function that makes it easy to navigate 3D.

A standard “rotate and move” navigation system that makes it easy to move in any direction.

Switch easily between 2D and 3D and back again

How to: Easily switch between 2D and 3D.

More robust than ever

Extensible, adaptable and extendable

How to: Extensible, adaptable and extendable

Reliable, robust and tested

How to: Reliable, robust and tested

This release includes multiple new features that improve the accuracy, robustness and usability of AutoCAD.

Rigorous testing of the code and new features is an important part of a major release

System Requirements:

For the maximum number of players, this game requires a Pentium III or better processor, with at least 512 Megabytes of RAM and a minimum of at least 20 Gigabytes free space in the hard disk.
For the minimum number of players, this game requires a Pentium II or better processor, with at least 256 Megabytes of RAM and a minimum of 4 Megabytes free space in the hard disk.
All the games in the Wild Woods Online Series can be played on any platform: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Wild Woods

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