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It was a dream for Alan Cross to see his consulting business grow year on year. And he wanted to see his daughter go to university and see his son grow up. It was also a dream to use his knowledge to help other businesses grow.

In this article we will consider the inner workings of Q & A (for Wantage Unlimited), a software package originally written by Phil Watts. This article will focus on the database used in Q & A, and the DataBase Access (DBA) language developed for use in Q & A. We will cover the creation of tables in the database, the use of DataBase Tables, the SQL construct of which Q & A is built on, and the DBA programming language.

Data access/retrieval using basic SQL commands is all that is needed to perform the
basic tasks of catalog maintenance. However, an application, such as Q & A for Wantage Unlimited, demands much more than this. The data structure in the database cannot be changed without some form of program code being written to perform the change. This article will provide a review of the basics of database design and programming in the DBA language (Q & A’s DBA Language).

If you have a desk-top PC, a modem, and an understanding of Microsoft Windows, you can create your own version of the popular desktop publishing program, ‘PageMaker’ by a handful of specific commands.
However, if you want to create a Microsoft Office like program that can also handle graphics, images, sound, and even video, your options are much more limited.

Ever wonder how a Linux server is able to serve so many different requests with such ease?
This article will outline some basic skills you need in order to create and maintain a Linux webserver.

The world of IT is changing rapidly. New technologies are being developed at an astonishing rate, and the average IT person is in danger of becoming obsolete before they have a chance to prove their worth.
This article will take a look at a couple of technologies that may help you survive and prosper in this changing environment.

Q & A’s DBA Language is a programming language designed for use in a Q & A program. It is used to perform a number of tasks such as maintaining the data structure in the database, and basic tasks of data manipulation.
This article will briefly outline the basic functions of the language, and provide some examples of SQL commands and their interpretation by Q & A.

The latest

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Make your life a little easier with the powerful and flexible KEYMACRO for the Windows platform.
KEYMACRO will help you create a script for any software. It can work with any type of software, and supports data from any source. The script will be automatically created when you enter a few simple conditions in the text fields.
KeyMACRO allows you to create and store scripts that will work with any program.
You can use KeyMACRO to create the same scripts for many different programs and to easily update the scripts if the conditions change.
KeyMACRO supports two types of conditions. The first is a direct condition: «if condition», «If condition», «If condition», «If condition», «If condition», «If condition», «If condition», etc. The second type of condition is when the condition is a range of values. For example, «from range to range» or «from minimum to maximum» or «from 100 to 200».
KeyMACRO supports several types of conditions.
The type of condition determines which values you will see when you enter the condition in the text boxes. You can see all the values that are currently defined in your script.
There are two ways to create a new condition in KeyMACRO.
You can click on the Add Condition button. This will open a dialog window with a preview of all the available conditions in your script. The last condition is the default, so if you don’t want to use a specific condition, just select it from the list and click OK.
Alternatively, you can select the item you want in the program window.
You can see which items are currently defined in your script and define new items. When you add a new item, it will be highlighted in the program window. Just click on the Add button, to add the item to the script.
You can also change the order of the items in the script. Just drag and drop the item in the program window.
KeyMACRO also supports a range of numbers. You can enter the numbers directly into the text boxes or you can use the drop-down list on the left.
You can sort the numbers by ascending or descending.
You can select from all the numbers defined in your script. When you select a number, you can select all the numbers that you want to select from. For example, if you only want to select the numbers from 1 to 20, you can select 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,

CablePro 13514 Free Download [Win/Mac]

CablePro is designed for use as a stand-alone application or as a back-end tool in a networked management system.
CablePro is ideally suited for use as a stand-alone application for:
* Designing, documenting, and tracking cable infrastructure projects.
* Engineering/project management in which one or more engineers are responsible for designing the infrastructure projects.
CablePro is ideally suited for use in a networked environment as part of a back-end system with one or more front-end applications.
CablePro is ideally suited for use in the following networked applications:
* Designing, documenting, and tracking cable infrastructure projects.
* Engineering/project management in which one or more engineers are responsible for designing the infrastructure projects.
* Creating a ‘cabling specification’ and reporting solutions.
CablePro uses Microsoft Access as its back-end database, and communicates to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as the front-end.
CablePro is a full-featured product with many features and functionality. We have included as many features as possible without compromising product stability.
Main features are:
* Documentation capability using a drawing or design database structure and user-interface.
* Diagrams and electrical schematics support.
* Developing a cable specification using the Quick Quote Wizard.
* Designing a floor plan (snap-shot view).
* Designing a diagram with labels and labels on the cable (snap-shot view).
* Real-time field data entry and editing.
* Data import/export functionality from a variety of CAD and/or engineering software applications.
* Supports Oracle (ODBC) and SQL Server (ODBC) databases with standard database access.
* Supports Microsoft Access database.
* Use of Microsoft Excel files to communicate with front-end applications.
* Comprehensive application programming interface (API).
* Access to the front-end applications using MS Access (ODBC) application programming interface (API).
* Ability to use Microsoft Excel’s built-in application programming interface (API).
* Intelligent tooling to aid in the production of professional reports.
* Create multiple spreadsheets with different cell formats for different reports and views.
* Easy integration with Microsoft Outlook.
* Efficient use of computer memory by storing ‘caching’ and pre-built data on the local computer.
* Nested sub-reports and PDF exports.
* Provides labels and tags for individual cables, runs, terminals

What’s New in the CablePro?

In less than a year, CablePro has become the most widely used library/cable management database in the world!

CablePro is a software solution designed to help professional users design and document data and voice cable laying projects.
CablePro is the ideal tool to transcribe mechanical/electrical or architectural/engineering drawings, blueprints, and graphical representation of cable requirements.
In addition, CablePro can aid in producing a written ‘cabling specification’ that can be used for creating an appropriate drawing and it is ideal for compiling an ‘as-built’ cable management report for your cable clients or your cable infrastructure.
CablePro’s Quick Quote Wizard can be used to automatically generate from the specifications quotations, bill of materials, summary specifications, faceplate labels, patch panel labels, and cable-end tags/labels.
CablePro is ideal for use as a Cable Management Database System because it provides comprehensive information and an easy way to track adds, moves, and changes to your cable infrastructure.


CablePro can be used as a database for cable management projects and as a Cable Management System.
The user is given the ability to create and store data on projects and components.
Using just a few clicks, the user can prepare and transmit a completed report to his/her clients, cable management consulting companies, or cable manufacturers.

As a database, CablePro can be used as a cable management system for all types of projects, large and small.
A CablePro project consists of one or more components.
Components can be added to a project with a simple click of the mouse.
A component can be viewed, edited, deleted, or added to another component.
CablePro’s SQL Server Database can be used to manage all of the components in a project and the project itself.
CablePro’s user interface is compatible with Windows 95 and higher.

A unique feature of the software is that it can be used as a Cable Management System.
Users can generate and transmit a comprehensive report of projects and components.
The report can be printed, faxed, or emailed to your clients, cable management consulting companies, or cable manufacturers.


The following limitations apply to all CablePro models:

1. CablePro is limited to Microsoft Windows 95 and above.
2. The license is non-transferable.
3. Serial numbers must be obtained from the current CablePro owner.
4. CablePro is not compatible with Windows 95.

Warranty and Support:

CablePro is available with a one-year, no-questions-asked, limited warranty.
All warranty claims must be received within 30 days of purchase.

CablePro’s software support department can be reached by email at or by phone at (818) 881-7700.

System Requirements For CablePro:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: 2.5 GHz Dual Core Processor (Intel)
Hard Disk: 15 GB available space
Video Card: 256 MB
Sound Card:
Additional Requirements:
DirectX 9.0c
This is the non-game version of the game, it will be the same except for the no ability to play as a unit (no crosshair) and the no map loading (still loading).We also plan on porting to Linux and

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