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Palm is a utility that helps you create mipmaps, generally known as normal maps. Mipmaps or normal maps are used to give your texture a more realistic appearance. It is a good idea to create your texture with several different mip maps. This can be done with any program that exports textures or with Photoshop. There is a small program out there that will generate the right mip maps, called MipMap Assistant. MipMap Assistant was written by Van Hoffman. It is a small and fast program that generates the texture images you need. You can download MipMap Assistant here:
Palm Disclaimer:
It is assumed that you have the latest version of Valve Source engine installed (included with any version of Half-Life).
Palm License:
The author has only granted the author the right to distribute the executable. The license for the mip map generating program that is used by Palm is included in the mip map generating program.
Palm Contact:
If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the website at:

I have an issue that I am hoping someone else can help with.
I am currently running the trial version of the trial version of the Hackme tool. Hackme is from the Game Data Factory and the trial version is called Hackme Hack. It is supposed to be something like the crackme tool for textures but I am getting an error I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
I am trying to extract a texture file for use in the C&C Red Alert 2 expansion pack.
When I run Hackme Hack, I am getting the following error:
Runtime Error: 00000001
could not load texture file../../C&C Red Alert 2/Maps/Harmony/

This is a pic of the texture folder.

I am not sure what to do from here. I have searched the forums, there is not much information there.
Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

I have an issue that I am hoping someone else can help with.
I am currently running the trial version of the trial version of the Hackme tool. Hackme is from the Game Data Factory and the trial version is called Hackme Hack. It is

Palm [Updated]

Control speed and acceleration for your actions by inputting a number for the desired rate. Be careful, though, as the rate number you input needs to be a percentage of the time it takes to perform the action. For example, if you input a value of 2, then you’ll play the action twice as fast as you normally do.


• Has a comprehensive list of actions and includes a macro recording system. You can record up to 30 macros at a time, and the program will show a recorded macro on the main interface.

• Allows you to activate a series of actions by holding down a designated button. You can also move the mouse cursor to activate.

• Has a slider for adjusting the rate of actions by changing the number of repetitions of actions you want to perform per minute.

• Allows you to scroll through more than 50 actions in your actions list.

• Allows you to add several actions to your actions list, and then assign macros for those actions.

• Allows you to view your action list and add actions to your list.

• Allows you to edit your actions list and include customized actions.

• Allows you to save your action list to a file, import your file into the program, and then create a list of actions for your action list.

• Has the ability to add a shortcut key for an action.

• Allows you to view all shortcuts keys on the program’s interface and to edit the shortcut key for an action.

• Allows you to specify the order in which actions are processed.

• Allows you to define what keys and actions perform which functions in your game.

• Has the ability to redefine or remove actions from your list.

• Allows you to read and write key and action lists in their own, in a file.

• Has an application support system for use when editing actions.

• Allows you to have a sound alert before and after performing actions.

• Allows you to create new actions and change your actions list.

• Allows you to have as many shortcuts keys as you wish, but you must have enough RAM to load all the shortcut lists.

• Allows you to view and import your shortcut lists.

• Allows you to have more than one action list.

• Allows you to set up macros for actions and shortcuts.

• Allows you to add actions to a list in random order.

Palm Download [April-2022]

The first version of Notepad Enhanced had a number of advantages. It kept you from the hassle of typing VMT file as you would have to do normally. On top of that, it could also take as inputs any file compatible with the specified format. When it came to importing skins, this was especially useful as you could take any file of the desired format and simply import it directly into the program.
Notepad Enhanced Advanced Description:
Notepad Enhanced Advanced however has a number of new features. First off, the application now lets you choose the number of times you want to repeat any input material. This allows for fewer issues with skins with blurred textures such as the ones you would have to see while playing some kind of game. It also contains a new import function with the help of which you can import any file into the program as long as it’s supported. It’s also now compatible with a large number of extensions so as to accommodate all of your skins and textures.

Posted by ganteng on 11/29/2010 — 05:59:00 PM

Palm is a great tool to import skins to. However, I have encountered a small glitch while I’m trying to import textures to the program. While the materials option does let me import a number of textures, this does not include the ones that have those little yellow dots on them, and I would really like to be able to export those too. Thanks for any help in this matter.

Posted by CY BQ on 07/08/2010 — 06:08:47 AM

That’s an excellent app. However, I have noticed a bug with some skins that sometimes the texture is not imported correctly (as in, the image, or, rather, the texture, is inverted). My guess is it’s due to the file type that’s being imported, though.

Posted by Casey on 07/15/2010 — 11:50:10 AM

It’s a good app, I tried to import one of my own skins and I wasn’t able to do so. I have never worked with this format so I’m really not sure why I can’t get it to work. I did figure out why though; I need to look into the.vmt format to see how to import my own files.Something about your blog…I like it. And I want to thank you for sharing that post about the president. I hope there are many more such blogs and posts.

Many years ago I had

What’s New In Palm?

Palm (formerly Palm Studio) is an application that allows one to import and export materials into a game engine, such as those used by Half-Life and many others. It automatically generates the material file and modifies it in a way that is easy to use in-game.
Palm generates 3 types of file:
— VMT : Full skin material file (Skin is a texture, exactly like the one you would get in a game engine for example).
— VMB : Smooth skin material file (Smooth is a type of texture that would make the object look very shiny).
— VMR : Mirror skin material file (Material has a mirror effect).
Palm has over 100 different VMTs for full skins. On the other hand, it also has specialized VMTs for reflection, transparency, shading and more. Also, it can export your material file to an image format (TGA, PNG).
Palm is the best solution I have used so far. I would recommend it.
Palm is a program that allows you to import and export materials into game engines. These include the following:
— Half-Life
— Counter-Strike
App ChangeLog:
Version 1.2.1
— Fix crash when creating skins
— Fix different panel size when import/export
— Few other minor fixes
App Screens


requires following permissions on your android device.













Allows the app to view information about network connections such as which networks exist and are connected.Allows the app to view information about Wi-Fi networking, such as whether Wi-Fi is enabled and name of connected Wi-Fi devices.Allows the app to connect to and disconnect from Wi-Fi access points and to make changes to device configuration for Wi-Fi networks.Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service.Allows the app to create network sockets and use custom network protocols. The browser and

System Requirements:

iPod Touch
iPad Mini
iPod Touch Nano
Q: Can I install the Data Port?
A: Yes, although it is not mandatory, you can turn it off when not in use.
Q: How do I get the version?
A: As usual, by «updating» the app, you’ll be prompted to update to the latest version.
Q: What if I don’t like the animation?
A: You can disable