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TDP x-Ray is a useful and reliable visual tool intended for disk space administration. It has been designed to simplify the work with high-capacity data storage containing millions of files.
TDP x-Ray displays a clear graph representing the disk image*, from which you can clearly and immediately recognize folders and files occupying the most space. In the graph, you can filter and display selected files meeting specified criteria (the file name or type, time period, in which the respective file was modified or created, a user name). The User Statistics mode allows checking how much space individual users take on a disk.
To easily visualize the entire disk space, a special «sunburst» graph is used, which is a round diagram with multiple levels. The graph levels correspond with the structure of the selected disk or folder. The size of specific parts corresponds with the size of the respective file or folder in comparison with the other files on the disk. The largest files and folders take the most space on the screen, which makes them easy to identify. Part colors are selected so that two adjacent colors always differ.
Directly from the graph, files or folders can be placed into the thrash bin or removed entirely, opened and viewed in the Explorer or opened in an associated application, or it is possible to view the Properties information window.
Any displayed data, which means those that you can see in a graph at a specific moment, can be exported and subsequently reloaded (for example, at a different workstation). You can browse through the imported data graph or you can apply filters on it. You can also work with exported data in a table processing application.
Here are some key features of «TDP x Ray Pro»:
■ Clear round graph displaying the occupation of the space on a disk
■ Large files or folders can be identify immediately
■ Optimized for large disks with millions of files
■ Graph displaying the size of files / folders or user-based utilization of space
■ Possibility to filter and display in a graph only files with a specific name, date of creation / modification or files created by a specific user
■ Easy movement within the folder structure of a disk � immediate information about the occupation of a specific part of a disk
■ Possibility to open a file in the Explorer or to view properties directly from a graph
■ Deleting files / moving them into the thrash bin directly from a graph
■ Searching for

TDP X-Ray Pro Crack+ Free Download

TDP x-Ray has been developed for immediate data viewing and analysis. The size of all files in a disk image (FAT or NTFS) can be viewed in one graph. «TDP x-Ray Pro» provides the following features:
■ Filtering and displaying a graph only files with a specific name, date of creation / modification or files created by a specific user.
■ View the property information for a file in the Properties window.
■ Reverting to a previous graph.
■ Default shortcut keys for common tasks.
■ «TDP x-Ray Pro» was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.
Technical data:
■ Operating systems: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
■ Source code language: Visual Basic 6
■ Graphics and 3D hardware acceleration: DirectX8.0
■ Speeds the processing of graphic displays from several hundred to several thousands of files per second.
■ Interface language: English
* TDP x-Ray calculates the disk space occupied by a partition or a volume based on the used capacity of the hard disk and files’ MFT and MFT information.
If you want to find more information about the components and the advantages of the program, please refer to the TDP x-Ray Developer’s guide.

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TDP X-Ray Pro

Browsing large disk images with TDP x-Ray is quick and easy! Since disk space is limited, we have designed TDP x-Ray to analyze disks with millions of files and folders, offering you a clear visualization of the disk image.
TDP x-Ray is based on the technology of the x-ray system, which is a series of X-ray technologies for imaging material properties. We used this technology to make TDP x-Ray fast and effective.
Just as x-rays are used in the clinic for examinations of hard objects, TDP x-Ray helps you quickly identify files occupying too much disk space.
Unlike other utilities, TDP x-Ray can be used on any computer with any file or folder system — and with any operating system. It can be used on a personal computer, workstation or a server.
TDP x-Ray is useful for companies and any kind of users who work with large disk images.
TDP x-Ray is lightweight, yet incredibly fast and effective. It can be used even on a slow computer to quickly identify disk space hogs. You can easily find big files and folders on your disk and their date of creation / modification, which means that you can get a good idea of their usage in comparison with other files.
TDP x-Ray’s x-ray technology is transparent to your computer’s operating system and any file system, so you can use it on any computer. That makes TDP x-Ray different and better than other disk space and disk file analyzers.
TDP x-Ray requires only a few MB of disk space on your computer, making it even more lightweight than other disk analyzers.
TDP x-Ray includes several basic functions and a powerful reporting mode. You can use TDP x-Ray to make an inventory of disk space occupied by files or to find files that are using too much space.
When you install TDP x-Ray, you will find the following functions:
■ Displays a disk image from any directory or drive, selected by clicking the «Scan» button or «Browse» button
■ Displays a disk image as a tree diagram with multiple levels
■ Displays a disk image as a sunburst diagram with multiple levels
■ Displays a disk image in a special mode
■ Gives statistics about a selected disk
■ Gives statistics about selected folders
■ Displays

What’s New In?

TDP x-Ray is an x-Ray visualization tool for the WinAPI.

You can display and make quick work with disk images (numbers, paths, hardlinks) and folders in the TDP x-Ray.
You can display files and folders with a specified name, creation date, owner or modification date.
You can also specify for a user that a certain user has consumed a certain percentage of disk space.
You can easily identify the largest files, folders and blocks of free space.

TDP x-Ray is capable of graphical processing of data from any source.
In the graph you can see how much space is occupied by individual files and folders or by a user.
You can see on the graph the list of files that you can select to open them in the Windows Explorer or in an associated application.

TDP x-Ray has an intuitive user interface that allows quickly navigate through folders.
TDP x-Ray allows you to instantly select files for viewing, open the file directly in Windows Explorer or in an associated application.

TDP x-Ray has an easy to use graph interface, which allows to manage the data about the disk space.

TDP x-Ray can be used for one-time view of the disk images or as a complex backup tool.

TDP x-Ray has been designed to simplify the work with high-capacity data storage containing millions of files.

TDP x-Ray supports the Microsoft WinAPI for graph processing.

TDP x-Ray allows using the WinAPI for the purpose of graph processing.

TDP x-Ray allows to use the Windows Registry and the Windows file system, if required.

TDP x-Ray supports the TDP x-Ray file format version 1.5.

System Requirements:

Must be online to start the game, but can be left to play on your own schedule during the wait period.
The game is free to play, but there are optional in-game purchases.
Some players may experience a rare bug and have their in-game name changed. We hope to have the name issue fixed within an hour of this being posted. If your name is still changed, please contact us via support.
Lvl 45-50 characters will play fine.
Character restrictions still apply.
You can only invite up to 5 friends

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