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If you’re looking for a simple, clean and easy to use application to manage your online entertainment in the browser, Megacubo is surely what you need. Megacubo is a service that lets you enjoy online radio in an easy and fun way.
Megacubo is an online radio application that has a very simple and modern interface that can let you enjoy dozens of channels in a single instance. All you have to do is to register, and you’re in the business.
Key Features:
— Clean and simple interface
— Stream audio from online radio channels
— Stream Videos from online movie sites
— Bookmark available
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Nifty Free App for Android: MegaDots
On this video, I show you how to install and use the MegaDots app.
More about the app from its website:
The MegaDots app helps you discover and enjoy your most lovable movies and series. It’s the Netflix of movies, for Android smartphones and tablets. There is no upsell, no pushy ads, no lock-in. The app is completely free and works with all Android devices.
Direct download link (apk):
Selected Features of the app:
List all your favorite movies & tv shows so that you can easily see them all
Fun ranking system: rank your favorite movies and show from 1 to 10
Sorting options (alphabetical, movie order, countdown…)
Supports movies from google play store and downloading them to your device
Download your most lovable movies
Check out full video review below:

Popular music streaming app Songza has turned free for Canadians this month, at the cost of cutting its Android and Apple app off from Canadian users.
The new $10-per-month free offer includes the web and mobile app, but leaves out the Android and Apple apps for now.
Songza says Canadians are the first country in the world to have the app free of charge, following the release of a free web app for the U.S. a year ago.
“To date, Songza has been exclusively available to Canadians as a

Megacubo [Mac/Win]

The most useful channel search engine you ever had. Just search for channels you want to watch and enjoy them wherever you are.
► Download Megacubo APK
Megacubo, with its user friendly graphical interface is the most useful channel search engine you ever had. This pocket friendly application lets you find the perfect channel for you.

Megacubo Comments

Megacubo Comments
(23 ratings)

Megacubo Comments


21 Nov 2017


Megacubo Comments
(45 ratings)

Megacubo Comments


20 Sep 2017

Needs more test version

Megacubo Comments
(23 ratings)

Megacubo Comments


17 Sep 2017

If you are having some doubts about the performance of the program, I can guarantee that it works fine, without any issues.
There is a support group with the usual team and contributors. They always add functionality so new users can enjoy the software even more.

Megacubo Comments
(61 ratings)

Megacubo Comments


16 Jul 2017

You need to sign up and get access to categories, artist pages, or more.Kansas City’s Council approved a $4 million contract with Nike on Thursday to build a facility that will give the team top-quality training apparel.

The purchase includes a new building and on-field logo, which will replace the throwback uniforms worn by the Chiefs during training camp. Nike’s iconic swoosh will be on both sides of the uniform.

The entire package was approved unanimously, with only one dissenting vote. The contract is finalized but is expected to be made official in about a week.

It’s the first contract of this type for the team, and likely the first of many.

«It’s a historic day for the Kansas City Chiefs and our fans,» coach Andy Reid said in a statement.

The new facility will be on the team’s practice fields at Kemper Sports Complex, adjacent to Arrowhead Stadium. That will make it far easier for players to move in and out of the facility, which will be called «The Performance Center» and will include a day-care facility for area children.

More Chiefs: Chiefs cheerleaders show off their

What’s New In Megacubo?

From the makers of Zeus and iTunes comes Megacubo, a radio station program designed to bring entertainment to your computer. Stream your favorite songs as well as radio stations from all over the globe. Track music trends as well as a search for songs and stations, Megacubo brings you the world of entertainment to your computer.

Mozilla’s Firefox 45 already was available for download as a release candidate, but some people might still need a quick update. The version is available for all types of users, but some feature updates are only available to those who are updating from the latest version.
Here we have collected some of the latest improvements that were made to Firefox, also known as the Gecko-engine, in the Firefox 45.0.1 release.
The most important among them all:
Chromium support
There’s been some uncertainty among users about this feature, since they thought that the standard version of the browser wouldn’t support it. But Mozilla representatives clarified that it would support Chromium, while at the same time addressing some of the security issues from the previous version.
The latest release still includes the compatibility mode icon, but it’s not necessary to switch between the two browsers. The decision has been made to provide most of the functionality to both browsers to provide the same security and user experience.
Stability improvements
Mozilla worked hard on this one, since it was a key area where Chrome made some progress. The security and stability measures have been looked at, while the overall performance has been improved as well.
Notification and RSS improvements
The progress in this area has been very prominent since the previous update. The browser has received further improvements and features such as extension blocking lists, security UI, Add-on Block List (ABL) and extensive documentation for information on how to get the most out of the browser.
The update is fully transparent, and you can download the complete changes simply by entering your email address on the Mozilla site.
The update can be installed simply by right-clicking on the Firefox folder and selecting “Thing from the Internet”.
Mozilla’s Firefox is a quite popular desktop browser, which first came out all the way back in 2004. It was at that point that the current version had been introduced, although it never provided the user with a search feature until the release of Firefox 35 in 2016.
With a consistent release cycle as well as an update schedule, Firefox

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD Athlon 64 processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD3850 series or equivalent
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Storage: Windows XP or Windows 7 compatible DVD drive or USB 2.0 compatible external hard drive
Minimum: OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD Athlon 64 processor Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon

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