Korean Vocabulary Practice For Foreigners Pdf 136 [EXCLUSIVE]

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Korean Vocabulary Practice For Foreigners Pdf 136

Vocabulary Revisited By JB Carroll. Usage: Kim In Hye (Recorder), Kim In Hye (Recorder).
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A commentary by New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof on how the 2006 California Board of Education tobacco-smoking ban may indirectly lead to more high-school students dropping out.

No state has gone further than California to curtail smoking by prohibiting it in some public places, but even the ban’s chief proponents admit that the effect will not be immediate and that the law is already having its intended effect — that of drawing smokers and non-smokers outside where they can be exposed to air that is, in fact, smoke-free.

(WSJ11/17/04, Book, page 186)


The smoking ban may impact the schools adversely by making students more reluctant to attend class and more likely to drop out.

(WSJ11/17/04, Book, page 186)


There are a number of other indirect health effects of secondhand smoke that I had not thought of. The ban will also slow down the buildings, since every exterior door must be kept open to dissipate the secondhand smoke. This can slow down air-conditioning and heating. It will also reduce wood usage by schools.

(NYT11/17/04, Book, page 185)

«We know smokers are exposed to over four times as much secondhand smoke when they are outside in the air as when they are in enclosed places. This is an unnecessary hazard.»


Dec 7, 2018
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