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You can use SQL to define your own UUIDs.
Here’s a C# blog on how you might do that (which, incidentally, is what I recently did for myself):


Getting a image back from the users machine using an ID in a database

I have two images displayed in the browser, one of them being dynamically loaded from a database table in aspx, and I want the users to be able to click on an image and have the new image displayed. It would take the image id from the database, and pull it back from the users machine. I have seen this done with an XMLHttpRequest or something similar. I am not sure if that is what I need to do though.
At the moment I have a button in ASPX, which goes to a page that pulls back an image from a database, and displays it in a gridview.


In ASP.NET you can use the ImageUrl property of the Image control to specify a URL that points to an image.
When the page loads you have already inserted a reference to the image into the database, so you can just get that image URL in your code behind, and assign it to the ImageUrl property of the Image control:
Image image = (Image)GridView1.Rows[0].Cells[0].FindControl(«ImgID»);
image.ImageUrl = «»;

El Desafío (Mary Anne Roach album)

El Desafío (Spanish for «The Challenge») is the first album by Mexican singer Mary Anne Roach, released in 1976.

Some singles released were:
El Desafío No Puede Si No Va (January 1976)
Ella Sabe (January 1976)

Track listing
Nunca Paré (Elías Moreno)
Quererte Mucho (Luis Miguel)
Hoy No Sé Que Paso (Anita Biasutto, Nacho Vegas)
Nunca Pude Olvidar (Martha Navarro, Antonio De Paz-Castro)
Quien Venga A Venir (Luis Miguel,

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