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Can Do Any Database.

No Database Limit.

Choose Target Database Instance.

Cross Firebird & MySQL.

DBMS, DbEngine Supported.

The Database Must Be Accessible.

Synch Content.

Backup Data.

Synchronize AutoManged Collection.

Synchronize DBEngine, select source database, select DBMS, select database engine, select database, select table, select field, sync, enable, cancel, select list, enable, cancel, show status, cancel, no result

8.2 • • •

The first thing you should do is choose your source database and DBEngine. For example, if you want to sync the My SQL database, the database engine and the database need to be My SQL.

8.2 • • • •

Once you have selected your source database and DBEngine, select which database you wish to synchronize. For instance, if you are synchronizing the My SQL database, you need to select My SQL in the source database list.

Synchronize between MySQL & Firebird

8.2 • • • • •

After you have selected your source database, type in your MySQL username and password to connect the database. You also need to type in the database name. In the same manner, you need to enter the credentials of the database in the destination database in order to get connected.

8.2 • • • • •

Choose the content you wish to sync between both databases. Once this is completed, select the time interval. To start a synchronization, select the database you want to synchronize, then select “Sync Now”.

8.2 • • • • • •

The synchronization is then performed between the two databases.

With this software utility, you can sync the content of two or more different database instances. It includes the following four interfaces that allow you to sync:

Database Engine

Database Engine



Database Engine

This interface lets you sync the database engine of two or more databases, which essentially makes it possible to sync both the source and destination databases. This is available in DBSync for Firebird & MySQL.


This interface lets 384a16bd22

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