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Evaluate $\sum\limits_{n=1}^\infty\frac{n^2}{(n+2)^3}$

How can I evaluate this sum?
Is there any trick? Is there any series that I can use?


Since $7n^2+10n+4=n^2+5n+4$ and $n^3+7n^2+10n+4=n^3+11n^2+10n+4=(n+2)^3$, the sum is
We have that the sum
Now, the first sum is $3/(1+4)=1$ and the second sum is 384a16bd22

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■ Registering an autoload keymacro for any given playlist output scheme. This can be used to synchronize any of the related functions across different instances of a playlist.
■ Disabling of the keymacro on shutdown.
■ Allows custom formatting of the playlist output. For instance; Change the title of the playlist title, as well as the colour of the playlist output.
■ Modifying the appearance of the function that creates the playlist output.
■ Modifying the way the playlist output is displayed.
■ Modifying the way that the linked files are displayed.
System Requirements:
■ foobar2000 must be version 2.2.0 or higher. (foobar2000 is required for this plugin to work).
■ The latest and greatest is available on their website.
■ foo playlist output is a registered trademark and proprietary software copyright, Foobar2000 Ltd.
How to use this plugin:
Load the plugin into your foobar2000 instance, you will see a new option appear in the File menu. Once installed, load a playlist into foobar2000 and you will see the option for the foo playlist output output appear.
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■ Title — This is displayed above the title of the playlist output in the main foobar2000 window
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■ Format — Change the way the playlist output is displayed by using this function. A full list of supported functions can be found in the manual in the «functions» section.
How to activate this plugin:
To enable this plugin, load it into foobar2000 and enable the plugin. Then, you will see the new option available to you in the File menu.
How to uninstall this plugin:
Load the plugin into foobar

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