Shadow synchronizes files (removes copies of duplicates) based on whether the files have changed or not, files modified more recently will be copied first. Shadow is cross platform compatible and works with various operating systems including: MS Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000 and many flavors of Linux and Mac OS X.

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Python Scraping two different pages within one webpage

I’m trying to scrap a webpage and then write that data into a CSV file.
This is how the webpage looks like:

What I want to do is to scrape the data between «Private Client» and «Portfolio, Current». In the image above, the two pages are clearly separated, but in my webpage they are not.
This is what I have been trying to do:
import requests
import lxml
import csv
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from pprint import pprint
from pprint import pprint

url = »

def get_data(url):
r = requests.get(url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(r.text,»lxml»)
pprint(soup.select_one(«#publication-container-nav-wrapper.publication-entry a»).text)


The function get_data(url) returns the following list:

K&H Holdings Limited

«K&H Holdings Limited»

\ ce698b3d9e

PC HealthPack
WAToolkit for Chrome
My Favorite Manager
Note Mania
Chickens Can 039;t Fly Theme
Driver Manager
Free Keylogger
Free Photo Frame
TV Show Tracker for Chrome
Quaternion toolbox for Matlab
Slot Cars 2000

Slotraser is a racing-themed slot car program designed for creating slot car races and keeping track of lap times. The application features a highly customizable design and intuitive user interface, which enables you to fine-tune each aspect of your car racer, by setting up realistic slot car racing tracks, adding custom track controllers, as well as assigning realistic penalties to drivers.
Creating races is easy as it can be. Simply pick a number of laps, a number of players, and the number of the car you want to race. You can also include information regarding the track and drivers, as well as their speed, average speed and their lap times.
You can also add a wide variety of penalties to drivers, including speeding, crashing, running out of battery, pushing the block button and more. You can even assign customized rules for certain positions in a race, so that you can make your racing experience more intense.
Creating your own statistics
In order to track how your car racers fare over time, you can use the application to create database of records. By placing all of your drivers and cars into the same database, you can keep track of drivers, their skills and your car racers over the course of a number of races, which makes it easy to keep track of the best drivers, how they fare over time, and even how they can compare different models of car racing.

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Screenshot 2

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Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6

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Screenshot 14

Screenshot 15

Screenshot 16

Screenshot 17

Screenshot 18

Screenshot 19

Screenshot 20

Screenshot 21

Screenshot 22

Screenshot 23

Screenshot 24

Screenshot 25

Screenshot 26

Screenshot 27

Screenshot 28

Screenshot 29

Screenshot 30

Screenshot 31

Screenshot 32

Screenshot 33

Screenshot 34

Screenshot 35

Screenshot 36

Screenshot 37

Screenshot 38

Screenshot 39

Screenshot 40

Screenshot 41

Screenshot 42

Screenshot 43

Screenshot 44

Screenshot 45

Screenshot 46

Screenshot 47

Screenshot 48

Screenshot 49

Screenshot 50

Screenshot 51

Screenshot 52

Screenshot 53

Screenshot 54

Screenshot 55

Screenshot 56


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