-Open QuickBooks
-Enter Company Name
-Enter Tax ID (If required, this is a field that should be there!)
-Enter Username (the first username in QuickBooks eg Admin or John)
-Enter Password
-Press enter
-Right click and «Add to QuickBooks» (if required)
-Click OK
-Make sure you have installed the QuickBooks Plug-in for Google Desktop


We are a network and management company, working for Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years.
We offer an extensive team of technical and consulting services which include Microsoft, Netscreen, Microsoft Security, Nicira, Intal, Cisco, Juniper, F5 and more.
Our office is in the Netherlands. We also offer services in the UK, Belgium, and Germany, too.
* Copyright(c) 2011 LearnBoost
* MIT Licensed

* Module requirements.

var HTTPRequest = require(‘./http’);

* Exports the constructor.

exports = module.exports = Socket;

* The constructor.
* @api public

function Socket (mio, transport) {
this.mio = mio; = [];
this.transports = [];
this.websockets = [];
this.polling = false;
this.session = {
transports: [],
origins: [],
maxAge: this.options.maxAge
}; =; =;
this.client = mio.client;
this.browser = false;
this.complete = false;
this.handshake = true;
this.pollingInterval = this.options.pollingInterval;
if (‘object’ == typeof this.pollingInterval) {
this.startTime = +new Date;
this.lastActivity = this.startTime;
this.upgradeTimeout = this.options.upgrade 384a16bd22

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· Disables all notifications that are found in the target chat message or session.
· Quickly and easily toggled off/on
· The icon is added next to the URL field, which doesn’t change the browser itself.
· No added credentials or permissions required.
· No extra UI elements to add to the site.
· Uses existing plugins/extensions as needed.
· “Message found” notification is disbaled by default.
· “Typing” notification is displayed again if the extension is disabled.
· “Read” status update notification is displayed again if the extension is disabled.
· “Is typing” notification is displayed again if the extension is disabled.
As we all know, there are a lot of additional features which can be used and provided to the end user. Some of them are interesting, while others may be a bit of a pain.
For example, you may want to keep the conversation open at all times, so that it doesn’t get closed. This means that you’ll have to type in your messages, but that’s no problem at all.
There’s also the privacy issue. Why would anyone want to keep their messages open, when they’ll be easily accessible to everyone on the internet? This is where Facebook’s Chat Privacy for Chrome can be used, to disable the “seen” status. The feature is enabled by default.
The main feature of the extension, however, is its purpose. By disabling all of the messages that you could receive, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with the end result. The first couple of conversations may still open, but as you receive messages from new people, the notifications will be disabled, and they’ll be opened right away. The only time they’re opened by default is if you haven’t done anything about the problem.
As the title mentions, the extension needs to be installed in Chrome, and that’s it. It doesn’t really need to be installed on any other device, and it won’t affect your main chat box at all. It works just like any other extension, with an icon added next to the URL field, and the one-click toggling feature.
It’s a rather small extension, but it does what it needs to do. Byвђ-google-drive/

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