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BRONZE users can click on the available charts and see the data just like the PLATINUM users.

PURPLE Description:
As a PURPLE user, you can click on the chart and see the chart with graphs and tables.

GOLD Description:
As a GOLD user, you can click on the chart and see the chart with graphs and tables.

ADVANCED Description:


Here is a link to a page where you can find this video tutorial I found on YouTube by a fellow user:

(Link is for a youtube embed as the video is not visible here).
I would suggest you try this tool first before buying (I had).
What I liked most in the video tutorial is that it can also tell you how much space you need.
If you are a regular user, this tool will do you a good service!


How do I avoid Drupal Concat field stripping » and ` from Value in search query?

I am working on a webapp and I am displaying information from Drupal and when the user searches it I want to avoid stripping the » or ` from the strings. How do I do this?
Drupal is interpreting these characters as delimiters. For example, If I am searching for «`todo`,`fishing`», Drupal will strip these out. This is fine, but it leaves a huge hole in my search query.
I have been tinkering with the QueryString module, but I cannot find a way to get it to work. I have also been tinkering with hook_query_alter and trying to pass the encoded value to it, but I cannot get it to work.
How do I solve this problem?


Sounds like you want to convert a string in a QueryString Query into a full-fledged Query object.
Here’s the basic steps, assuming you have your string in variable $string.

Convert it into a Query object. This is just for debugging purposes, to see if it’s valid.
$query = new DrupalQuery();
$query->set(‘todos’, $string);
$query->condition(‘title’, $string);

Now the result of $query->execute() will be a database query. 384a16bd22

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SoundForge Audio File Converter (SFFC) is a sound editor for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and most UNIX-like systems. With this audio editing software you can convert audio formats to other audio formats, edit audio, cut, split, join, speed up, slow down and reverse time audio clips and also create and edit sound effects and music, even add music and voiceover to video files.
Here is a list of our features:
* Converting audio formats
SoundForge Audio File Converter supports all popular audio formats and supports all audio devices available on Windows and Mac systems. You can convert audio formats, mix tracks, split tracks into multiple tracks and join tracks into a single file. You can even convert compressed files into other formats for playback on your portable audio devices. You can even convert audio formats to other audio formats for playback on audio CD/DVD devices.
* Cutting and combining audio files
SoundForge Audio File Converter supports cutting audio files from audio CDs and combining multiple audio files. You can copy audio from an audio CD and paste it into SoundForge Audio File Converter. You can also combine audio files into one file. You can even cut audio files into multiple files. You can use the cut option to achieve professional audio editing results.
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* CD to MP3 audio file conversion


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