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With KeyMacro you can easily create macros to change text in any application.
KeyMacro is able to generate macros in any program, such as a browser, text editor or any other application.
KeyMacro is the first cross-application macro creation utility. It works in any browser and any text editor, and it doesn’t require any special installation. You can even create your own macros directly from the KeyMacro interface.
Macros are very easy to use. All you have to do is type the shortcut you want to create and press the created key combination. The program will automatically create a macro for that combination. All you have to do is choose the hotkeys you want to assign to the macro and press the hotkey combination in order to activate the macro.
The best part about KeyMacro is that it generates key combinations and hotkeys for you automatically. It also takes into consideration the current focus of the application. For example, in any text editor you want to be able to insert a comma, but if the focus is on another part of the document, the macro will give you the option of inserting a period instead of the comma.
KeyMacro can also be used to assign custom hotkeys to specific actions. For example, you may want to assign Ctrl-S to save a file, but Ctrl-F to save a different file.
KeyMacro is the easiest way to create a shortcut in any application.
Create Macros in any application
KeyMacro is an easy-to-use application that makes it easy to create hotkeys for any application, text editor or browser.
Macros are especially useful when it comes to web pages. You may want to have a macro to automatically forward your browser to the Google page when you are browsing in Safari.
KeyMacro is the only cross-application macro creation utility that works in any application.
KeyMacro works with any browser, including Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It also works in any text editor, including any application that has built-in text editing capabilities, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
In addition to cross-application capabilities, KeyMacro also allows you to create hotkeys for a specific action. For example, you may want to assign Ctrl-S to save a file, but Ctrl-F to save a different file.
This key combination can also be assigned to a single action, so that the hotkey can be accessed every time you want to save 384a16bd22

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This specification describes the Mobile Web Developer Kit (MWDK) version 2.0 (version 2.0.0) API. This is the replacement for the obsolete Mobile Web Developer Kit version 1.0 (version 1.0.0).
This specification describes the Mobile Web Developer Kit (MWDK) version 2.0 (version 2.0.0) API. This is the replacement for the obsolete Mobile Web Developer Kit version 1.0 (version 1.0.0).
MVDK 2.0 offers a rich set of enhancements. The SDK offers a mobile web developer kit (MWDK) in order to create new mobile website applications. Furthermore, MVDK 2.0 is backwards compatible with the MWDK 1.0 specification.
Version 2.0.0 of the MWDK API comprises of the following features, enhancements and fixes:
1.Support for new features in the HTML 4.0 standard.
2.A new API interface to build AJAX applications with less user code
3.Change MWDK 1.0 API to use the new API
4.Manage the API applications (ready to be installed)
5.Implementation of DHTML JSAPI to support widget applications.
6.New error response for JSAPI for applications
7.Improvements in Android
8.Improvements in BlackBerry
9.Bug fixes.
After a long time, MVDK 1.0 has been discontinued. We will soon introduce a new version of MVDK to support the new generation of mobile devices. MWDK 1.0 was based on the WAP 1.1 and Java Servlet specifications.
The MWDK provides you with the tools and features to develop and deploy the mobile web applications and widgets. Using MWDK, you can create rich mobile applications and dynamic web applications which require little or no user interaction. The SDK supports the following features:
1.Java, HTML, JavaScript and CSS development environment.
2.3D rendering and animation with 3D SL viewer for HTML applications.
3.Multimedia content development, and application playback.
4.Complete navigation control for mobile website.
5.Redirection of HTTP requests and responses between JavaScript and Java.
6.Object-Oriented Programming to develop applications using an API for multiple platforms and mobile handsets.
7.Session management for applications and widget.
8.User management.
9.Unit testing of applications.

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