1. Starts the program and makes it visible.
2. shows the level, the histogram and the data as a curve.
3. Allows to choose the input file, as well as a graphic setting.
4. Allows to choose the output file, as well as a graphic setting.
5. Shows the data table.
6. Allows to choose a data input file, as well as a graphic setting.
7. Allows to save the output file with a name of your choice.
8. Allows to choose the options.
9. Shows the graphs.
10. Allows the output file to be saved as a PDF file.
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jQuery.prepend() not prepending to existing element?

I am trying to append a div to a div with class of tb
The html is

The Javascript code is
var newDiv = $(»);

My expectation is that the above code will prepend a div to the div with the class «tb»
However the output is

Why is the.prepend() not prepending to the div with the class «tb»?


To prepend a div to an existing element, you can use:

Because you are prepending the newDiv to the tb element, the newDiv will get appended to #tb, and not to #tb. You can use this:
var newDiv = $(»);

Also, as others pointed out, it is better to use event delegation like this:
$(‘#tb’).on(‘click’, ‘#projectCol’, function() {
alert(‘this is an event’);

This will not only work on all events, but also works better with the new.on() syntax:

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