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This is the main class. The main functions are LoadFile() and ScoreFile(). LoadFile() reads the file, and ScoreFile() computes a reading level.
* This is the main class. The main functions are LoadFile() and ScoreFile(). LoadFile() reads the file, and ScoreFile() computes a reading level.
public class Sockso
// These are the three methods that are used to calculate reading level.
private void ScoreLines(string filename)
// Loads the file into memory and turns it into a string.
string content = File.ReadAllText(filename);

// Reads the string and splits it into sentences.
string[] lines = content.Split(new char[] { ‘.’ }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

// Counts the sentences.
int sentences = lines.Length — 1;

// Counts the words in each sentence.
int wordsInSentence = lines.Length — 1;

// Counts the syllables in each word.
int syllablesPerWord = lines.Length — 1;

// Counts the words.
int words = lines.Length — 1;

// Average the syllables per word.
int averageSyllablesPerWord = (int)Math.Round((double)sentences / (double)wordsInSentence, 3);

// Average the syllables.
int averageSyllables = (int)Math.Round((double)sentences / (double)words, 3);

// Average the words.
int averageWords = (int)Math.Round((double)sentences / (double)words, 3);

// Calculates the reading level. 384a16bd22

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Hello World, a 3D first person shooter with a Commandos theme?
Yes, yes.
This 3D remake is based on the popular game «Commando».
In this game, you take control of different soldiers and must kill all the enemies in an area.
In this game, you will have the usual weapons you’d expect to use, but in different ways.
— A revolver ( a very powerful pistol that can kill any normal soldier in one shot )
— A Shotgun ( that can kill in many different ways).
— A Riflescope that can kill the enemies at a far distance.
— A rocket launcher ( that can kill the enemy with a single shot )
— A Sniper rifle ( that can kill from long distance)
— A Machine gun ( a very powerful machine gun that can kill nearly everyone except for the heavy guys )
In this game, you can also pick up the explosives and use them to kill the enemies.
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