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1. Setting:
Select From: the folder where you want Outlook to automatically store attachment files
For: the original folder
To: the destination folder
2. Setting:
Open the attachment file and select Open with to specify the program to use for opening the file
For: the original program you specified in the Settings
To: the original program you specified in the Settings
3. Setting:
Delete the attachment file once Outlook finishes storing it
For: the original folder
To: Yes


Solution 1: You can change the default storage folder.
Solution 2: You can update the attachment files which were open with your program, because the Attachment file is probably not stored in its location.
Outlook includes a toolbar button which can be used to update any open documents. Click the button on the toolbar. A window will open and you can choose the «Update» option in the list.


I use this Outlook Attachments Extractor to move attachments to the «Trash». It has a search function to quickly find the file.

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Photo Calendar is a photo pinup calendar with 12 months.


+ 12 Months

+ Famliy photos for each month

+ Save photos in album

+ Share calendar with family and friends

+ Print as a free calendar

+ Fast: Prints photos within seconds

+ Easy to use: Drag and drop photos


The Movie

List of photos taken in a shoot in Photo Calendar for a couple.

The gallery

High quality photos

It is easy to create a calendar with a photo of your loved ones, friends, family. A 12 months calendar is easy to create in Photo Calendar with a fast print time and excellent quality photos. Just start a new project and select the Photo Collage option.

Add photos to a project

Add a photo by selecting it in the photos explorer. You can also add a photo from an existing album.A significant number of synthetic materials which are used in medical applications are composed of a biodegradable polymer. This includes materials used for diagnostics, drug delivery devices, implants and surgical devices.
For example, diagnostic products include biosensors, medical implants, microarrays, and many other devices. Devices that deliver drugs or chemicals include osmotic or mechanical delivery systems. Implants include sutures, staples, prosthetic joints, fixation devices, supports, coatings, and other devices used in medical applications. Surgical devices include materials that are used for in vivo tissue sealing, hemostasis, and many other procedures.
When a biodegradable material is used in the manufacture of a product or device, there is a need for an efficient method to remove the biodegradable material from the product or device. It is desirable to perform the removal step without damaging or impairing the product or device.
For example, a medical device including a biodegradable material may be used as a hemostatic sealant. The biodegradable material is used in the manufacture of the sealant. The sealant is injected into a wound in the vicinity of internal bleeding and/or broken tissue. The biodegradable material used to manufacture the sealant becomes soft and forms a natural seal that prevents further bleeding and/or leakage of fluids from the wound.
The biodegradable material dissolves or is broken down within a few days to weeks after the sealant is injected into the wound. There


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