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File encryption and decryption with a secret key code. Password protection for system, or text files.
Hide My File is a free file encryption tool designed to hide a file by simply placing it into a picture. It is a small tool, and is not very difficult to use. As usual, there is a one-time setup and installing process, and it does not require the system to be modified at all.
Image files are placed in the mask field, with the size of the file important to Hide My File as well. The resulting picture can be saved in any directory, for convenience purposes. Once the image has been successfully encrypted, it can be uploaded to any location. The only thing required is an image file that will serve as a mask. These are JPEG, or JPG files.
File can be easily decrypted by inserting the target file, and clicking the decryption button, just like when adding the original image file. Just be aware that the program will keep an encrypted copy of the original file, which will be in the same directory. Both files should be of the same type, as well as the same size, for a successful operation.
To find a place to hide
Hiding files has never been easier. All you need to do is place a picture on your desktop, using an image editor that supports this operation. It can be done with any image editing software, but any image manipulation software will do the trick.
If you want to locate the file again later, you can always look for pictures and open them, right clicking on them to get a pop-up menu.
It is recommended to use a free disk encryption application for your files. In this case, you can use Hide My File to avoid deleting the original files, or having to reset the encryption.
HideMyFile is a free and easy way to encrypt your important files. It is important to be able to securely transfer your content and information. This is where the tool comes in handy.
Features of HideMyFile:
Encryption and decryption of JPEG, or JPG files with a secret key code.
Simple, easy to use.
Simple installation process.
Hidden file can be uploaded to any destination.
Shows only encrypted files in the file manager.
Can be used with any image editor to create a mask.
Password protection.
Any-file type encryption.
File decryption password.
Directory encryption.
Batch processing.
Only one encrypted file.
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Reads images from the Hubble Space Telescope and the latest ground images of the solar system.
Gives you a guide on the keys to explore the solar system, planets, and galaxies.
Builds a star map and calculates the ages of stars, galaxies and the universe.
Generates nice charts and graphs of the solar system and stars in the galaxy.
Challenges you to see if you can identify the stars and constellations.
Math Examples:
Calculates the distance of a star to the Sun.
Calculates the age of a star and how long the Sun will live.
Calculates the number of different galaxies in the universe.
Solve a question using your findings.
Generate charts and graphs with your findings.
English: 600
Math: 1,400
English: Arial Black.
Math: Xara.
File Size:
English: 3.58 mb.
Math: 3.93 mb.
Warm Thanks:
I’d like to thank the following for their contributions to Exploring the Universe:
1. For their contributions:
Planetarium at the NIA/BRC
Astronomy courses at the NIA/BRC
The Hubble Space Telescope
The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.
2. For their donation to this program:
Kim Bolgeman (BRC)
Tia Stein (BRC)
For the contribution of the technical staff at the Brazilian Research Centre (BRC):
Wagner Oliveira and Walter Helman.
For the technical assistance of Frederico Pedro, the Brazilian Space Agency’s computer programmer:
Andrea Laura.
For the permission to use the images of the Sun, the Moon and stars from the Hubble Space Telescope:
Tony van den Heuvel.
For the images of the solar system from the Hubble Space Telescope:
Michael A. B. Wilcox.
For the NASA images of planets and solar systems:
Michael A. B. Wilcox.
For the images of stars from the ground:
Thomas J. Maloney.
For the permission to use the images from the NASA Probe:
Aurora, Saturn Probe and Galileo.
For the images from the Voyager, Pioneer and Voyager Space Crafts:
Michael A. B. Wilcox.
For the images of the galaxy from the ground and the Hubble Space Telescope:
Thomas J

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