KeyMacro will work with any website that has keyboard shortcuts for navigation (over 200 web apps/websites, not just YouTube). Then, with KeyMacro, you can type the letters of a website URL (or any other short text), and KeyMacro will navigate to the destination for you. It’s just that easy!
If you want to quickly save a web page that contains a link to a YouTube video, you can add the web address of the video to your KeyMacro favorites list so you can navigate there in just a few clicks.
KeyMacro Key Features:
— Most popular web apps/websites, including YouTube, Amazon, etc.
— Support for large and long URLs
— Keyboard navigation between pages in supported apps
— Supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese (we think…)
— Lots of customization options

How to Download Videos from YouTube without Registration or Sign in:

Why not download a YouTube video to your computer for later viewing or sharing on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Skype and the like?
Here is how to download videos from YouTube to your computer without the need to sign in or pay.
But first, what does YouTube even mean? The website is one of the largest video sharing sites in the world, where you can watch or upload content.
YouTube is owned by Google, which makes it a very popular website. Most people have been to YouTube at least once and for many, it is one of the most visited websites in the world.
To download videos from YouTube you need to know your video link, which is found at the very top of your browser’s address bar or in the URL bar when you are at YouTube.

Youtube Downloader

If you have added the website to your bookmarks (usually in the form of a link on your browser’s homepage), you can find the video link there. If you are visiting a YouTube URL directly, the website will ask you to sign in if you have not done so already.
In most cases this is not necessary as you can just download videos without having to sign in.
To get started, you just need to open a new browser tab and type your link.
After that, the page should open and begin downloading your video.

Whatsapp Clone Script

Whatsapp Clone Script to Clone 100 Millions WhatsApp Accounts:

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Create a KML document from a delimited file (CSV, Tab, Comma) containing your coordinates for every keypoints.
You will have to define the latitude and longitude for every keypoints in the source file.
It is possible to define some keywords to filter the points.
The program will process the csv file character by character, and it can even handle dates, times and complex geographical coordinates (with decimals).
It can also run batch jobs for large sets of files or lists of keywords.
It is highly recommended to use a fully qualified name (FN) for your documents. This is what GEMapsInfo uses for the file name of the KML file, and it will apply a keyword filter for every line.
KEYMACRO is able to manage several comma-separated files, and it is possible to specify an output directory.
The input file must be a comma-separated file (CSV) with a header.
The header must be an empty string (a white space), «Latitude», «Longitude», «Keywords» and the «FN» column, always with the same number of characters.
Then follow the comma-separated values for every keypoints.
A KML file is generated for every comma-separated file specified in the input box, but it is possible to specify only one file name.
In the options, you can specify the following options:
Convert CSV to HTML: This option converts the file to a file in HTML format that you can use in the web.
Output: Specifies the name of the folder where you want to generate the KML file.
In the Options box, it is possible to specify the following options:
Convert comma-separated file to HTML: This option converts the file into a HTML format that you can use in the web.
It is possible to select an option to convert only the list of files specified.
Output: This option specifies the name of the folder where you want to generate the HTML file.
Strip header: It is possible to specify an option to remove all the header lines before processing the comma-separated values.
Import data from a file: It is possible to select an option to import all the information stored in a file to the GEMapsInfo.
Replace/import csv file: It is possible to select

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