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A-Prompt was developed by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research, Information and Communication Technologies, Directorate C. More information on the developers of A-Prompt can be found at
A-Prompt is built using the ‘hybrid’ macro language implemented in the JAWS 11 or later version of JAWS.
A-Prompt’s macro language makes it possible to express more complex rules than are normally available in other macro languages. In addition, it allows the description of longer and more complex conditions than are normally available in other macro languages.
BARRIER Description:
The BARRIER macro, part of A-Prompt, is used to identify and list the barriers that are encountered by users with disabilities. More information on the developers of A-Prompt can be found at
If an element in a Web page cannot be detected by the A-Prompt macro, it is highlighted by a yellow background on a white or black background. This means that the page does not appear to be accessible, either because of a visual or auditory problem, or because of a problem with the page’s content.
TITLE Description:
The TITLE macro, part of A-Prompt, is used to provide a user with a title for a Web page. More information on the developers of A-Prompt can be found at
Using a blue text background, the TITLE macro can be used to make a page title available at all times in a Web browser window.
Use of the TITLE macro makes it possible for a Web author to display a page title with a visible background even in a page which does not include a title.
TARGET Description:
The TARGET macro, part of A-Prompt, is used to create a target for an object. More information on the developers of A-Prompt can be found at
To create a target for an object, the author enters a number of fields, separated by commas, in the order “start destination, action, end destination”.
The author may enter a start destination to specify where d82f892c90

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-Complete Visual.NET cross platform development toolkit for video recording and live streaming.
-Part of a powerful package that also includes C++, Java, PHP and Delphi plugins.
-A screen capturing and processing toolkit that allows easy and fast video and screen capturing for video broadcasting, online games, web page publishing, and many other applications.
-All the included components and libraries are easily embeddable into any of your existing.NET applications, using no additional resources.
-Provides you with a simple and easy to use API for your programming needs.

PIXI.JS is an incredible Javascript library for developing fun and professional graphics and animation applications. It’s easy to use and has a wide range of useful objects and effects. For example, you can create incredible user interfaces, impressive particle effects, create animations, build awesome games or simply make your own graphics or animations with PIXI.JS. PIXI.JS is the most advanced open source JavaScript library.
PIXIEVIEWER SDK is a set of tools that provide easy access to PIXI.JS features. PIXIVIEWER SDK lets you add PIXI.JS features to your web pages and share them with others, so that they can play your PIXI.JS graphics and animations in any modern browser. PIXIVIEWER SDK features include access to PIXI.JS web classes such as the famous PIXI.Graphics object, as well as access to some of the PIXI.JS effects.
PIXIVIEWER SDK is a PIXI.JS library distribution that makes it possible to use PIXI.JS in all existing browsers, not only Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. To get started with PIXIVIEWER SDK, you’ll need to include the files and folders in the source code package.
KEYMACRO Description:
-Direct access to the full PIXI.JS library, both features and classes.
-Install to your web pages and work on all the browsers.

Vodoo Description:
VoodooDSP is a powerful and flexible audio and audio processing DSP development tool for both C and Java platforms.
Vodoo allows you to design multi-band audio filters, to process individual audio channels and to synthesize different audio signals from the input samples.
It supports a wide range of standard audio and audio processing algorithms. By default, it provides optimized


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