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KEYMACRO (Key Macro) is an applet that, based on macro codes written by you, will automatically change some of the text in a document according to a specific text pattern which has been programmed in a text editor.
If you add the text «of the world» to the beginning of a document and save it, you could program a macro to automatically change it to «of the world» in a text editor.
You could also program a macro which detects the words «world» or «of» and changes the color of the text in that document to blue.
If you create an outline which contains the text «an eye for an eye», then KEYMACRO will be able to automatically change the color of all occurrences of «eye» to green.
In addition to its text-searching features, KEYMACRO is able to recognize any type of computer data, such as the macro, list, graphical elements, dates, serial numbers, and even pictures or sound.
In short, it’s a powerful text-searching and data-recognizing tool.
New in v. 1.11:
Version 1.11 fixes a bug affecting the functions where you could no longer change the title of a document.
Major new features:
NEW in v. 1.11:
Change the title of a document
In v. 1.11 you will be able to change the title of a document which has been created earlier than the current time.
For example, if you are creating a document and it was created 3 days ago then if you click the «Change the title of the current document» function, the title will be the title of the document 3 days ago.
You will be able to select a document from the list of documents in the document title in the document chooser.
If you have a document whose title you want to change and you do not want to get the same old document again then you can use this function.
The text «Yesterday’s Title» will be automatically entered as the document title.
Therefore, for example, if a document is called «Today’s Goal» then if you use this function then the title will be «Yesterday’s Goal».
NEW in v. 1.11:
Add documents to a list of documents
You will be able to add documents to a list of documents and you will be able to create a document title which is in that list.
You will be able to select a document from the d82f892c90

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MAIN=Show Animated GIF demo

#define MY_GIF_FILE «animgif.gif»
#define MY_GIF_FILE_BMP «animgif.bmp»
#define MY_GIF_CUR_FRAME 1
#define MY_GIF_CUR_FRAME_1 0
#define MY_GIF_CUR_FRAME_2 1

#define MY_BMP_GIF «myanimgif.bmp»
#define MY_BMP_GIF_BMP «myanimgif.bmp»
#define MY_BMP_GIF_BMP_BMP «myanimgif.bmp»
#define MY_BMP_GIF_BMP_BMP_BMP «myanimgif.bmp»

#include «ocx_dcom.inc»
#include «ocx_expnd.inc»
#include «ocx_animgif.inc»

#ifndef RC_INVOKED
int VL_CALL GifXAlloc(HINSTANCE hInst, int w, int h)
/* Allocate space for the bitmap */
return CreateCompatibleDC(NULL);

int VL_CALL GifXBlt(HDC hDC, int iX, int iY, int w, int h, HBITMAP hSrc, int iSrcX, int iSrcY, UINT uFormat, UINT fuBmFlags)
/* Convert to 32-bit format */
HBITMAP hbmpPrev;

/* Make sure the HBITMAP is returned from XAlloc.
* This fixes a bug in CBitmap::SetBitmap where the HBIT


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