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Key Macro is a keyboard manager that lets you record and replay keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are a useful way to speed up your work. With Key Macro you can set a shortcut for each task.
Windows shortcut to create a shortcut
Key Macro is quite easy to use. At first, it installs as a keyboard manager, which means you can control it through its own interface. You can start recording keystrokes from anywhere on the keyboard, and you can also start and stop recording.
Also, when a shortcut is already active, you can replay it.
The Mac users can use an equivalent app that is called KeystrokeRecorder, but it doesn’t have the ability to record and replay individual tasks.
Keyboard manager interface
You can easily see the shortcuts you have. After you start recording, the last characters are shown.
You can also preview the shortcuts, but when you save them, you will get the macro file name and the path to the Mac’s Desktop.
Just create shortcuts
You may record shortcuts by pressing keys. Also, you can place the cursor in a specific area and add a shortcut to the selected text.
The shortcut can be a path to the Home folder, or to a website, a file, etc.
When recording, you can choose the repetition, which means if you double click a shortcut and press Play, you will be able to play it twice.
Mac users can easily add the shortcuts to the applications or to the browsers.
Another useful feature is the keyboard repetition, which means you can press a combination of keys a given number of times to repeat a command.
Also, when you stop the recording, the shortcut will be saved automatically and added to the list.
To end with
Key Macro is an easy-to-use keyboard manager that can be a good help when speed is needed. It doesn’t come with any specific feature, but it has plenty of useful options.
BB-Clip Description:
As it is the name implies, BB-Clip is a stand-alone tool that lets you capture the window’s content to a video.
It uses the DirectX video acceleration API, so your system must support it to work properly.
BB-Clip does support window thumbnails and comes with a window capture tool that can capture the video and images from a selected window.
The only issue is that it only captures the displayed content and you cannot specify a custom region.
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This will let you define up to 64 macros (on/off) to make either mouse or keyboard events trigger.
How it works:
GetRight will monitor the mouse or keyboard within the browser. If a macro is triggered a (x,y) coordinate is logged to a file. Once a file is created the next click will be logged to the file.
MACRO (Macro Name:)
Click on this macro to enter the macro name field. If you click off this field a macro will not be defined. If you enter «No Name» then GetRight will create a macro with no name.
This macros are listed in order of length. Longer macros will override shorter macros. Once one macro is defined it will not be overwritten by the next macro.
Select which type of event to trigger the macro for. You can have multiple types of macros.
Mouse Buttons:
Click this to define a macro for the mouse buttons. You can then define which buttons to trigger the macro for.
Click on the «This Button» to define the button to the macro.
Keyboard Keystroke(s):
Click this to define a macro for one or more keyboard keystroke(s).
Click on «This Keystroke» to define a keystroke to the macro.
Quick Example:
■ click «Macros» -click «Mouse Button 1» -click «This Button» -click «Left Mouse Button»
Macro logs the (x,y) location of a button click.
■ Click «Macros» -click «Mouse Button 1» -click «This Button» -click «Left Mouse Button» -click «No Name»
Macro logs the (x,y) location of a button click.
■ Click «Macros» -click «Mouse Button 1» -click «This Button» -click «Left Mouse Button»
Macro logs the (x,y) location of a button click.
■ Click «Macros» -click «Mouse Button 1» -click «This Button» -click «Left Mouse Button» -click «No Name» -click «Mouse Button 2» -click «This Button» -click «Left Mouse Button» -click «This Button»
Macro logs the (x,y) location of two button clicks.
■ Click «Macros» -click «Mouse Button 1» -click

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